coronavirus treatment 1

Coronavirus bioresonance treatment

All the globe is worried about Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), which has caused a recent outbreak of respiratory illness that started in China. This virus has already taken many lives. In this article, we will tell you about the Coronavirus treatment and how to protect yourself. Here is some interesting information about the coronavirus: People of all ages …

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Stop smoking with bioresoance

Quit smoking with bioresonance

Quit tabacco and make a new healthy habit 2020 with the help of bioresonance treatment. So Quit smoking with bioresonance! We all know about the disadvantages of smoking. Such as cancer, lungs diseases, infertility, impotence, decreased vision, yellowing teeth, cough, etc. However, just a small amount of smokers think about it seriously and it is …

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Webinar “Everything and even more about WebWellness and Life Expert mode”

By watching this webinar you will find the answers to next questions: Difference between Life Expert or Life Expert Profi. Who can use Life Expert device/mode. Which information is displayed in the reports. How to prepare yourself for the rapid test. How to read the reports. PH – alkaline or acid. Comprison mode. This webinar …

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