Life Balance 1.0 privado



Apparecchio per terapia di biorisonanza. Ha un effetto terapeutico e curativo. Contiene più di 71 programmi per risolvere qualsiasi problema di salute. Efficace nel trattamento di parassiti e microrganismi patogeni. Armonizza il lavoro di organi e sistemi. Questo dispositivo ha meno funzioni rispetto alla versione avanzata Life Balance 2.1. 


Purchase Protection

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Accessori inclusi nel set Life Balance 1.0:

  • Dispositivo per la regolazione dei biosistemi naturali del corpo Life Balance – 1 pz.
  • Cavo Alimentazione – Caricabatteria – 1 pz.
  • Cavo USB – 1 pz.
  • Custodia per il dispositivo – 1 pz.
  • Certificato / Libretto di istruzioni in inglese e russo – 2 pz.
  • Peso approssimativo incluso l’imballaggio – 0.3 kg.

Il peso del dispositivo – 0.13 kg.

Dimensioni della scatola: 14 х 9 х 4,5 cm.

Dimensioni del dispositivo: 10 х 6 х 1 cm.

Gli apparecchi sono stati sviluppati dall’azienda di ricerca e sviluppo “Lidomed Bio” LLC esclusivamente per Business Process Technologies.

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You do not have to pay a subscription to use Life Balance 1.0. 

The only paid functions are:

  • Automatic complex creation – 0,5 euros per complex or 50 euros per month for unlimited use. This feature can only be used if you have both Life Expert (Profi) and Life Balance devices.
  • All the 3000 standard programs with Rife and Voll frequencies are
    available for free in the WebWellness software in the programmer. There is a section with around 2000
    Paid Complexes where each complex costs 0,5 euros and is purchased once and forever from the client’s account. These complexes were created by the manufacturer as an extra feature for the clients. Each of these complexes has a detailed description on how to use them.

Each of these complexes has a detailed description on how to use them.

Computer requirements

For the normal operation of the WebWellness program for Windows, the computer should have the below features:

  • intel processor, 1.00 GHz and higher;
  • RAM not less 2 GB;
  • hard disk (not less 5 GB);
  • USB port
  • color printer – if you want to print the results of the test with Life Expert Profi 
  • SVGA display, video adapter resolution 1378 х 733, or 1920 x 1080 optimally;
  • OS Windows 10;
  • Сonstant, stable Internet access with a speed of at least 0.5 MB/s. 

For the WebWellness version for OS X to work properly, the computer must meet the following parameters:

  • OS X 10.15 support
  • availability of a USB port;
  • color printer;
  • permanent, stable Internet access with a speed of at least 0.5 Mb / s.

Shipping terms

Delivery and return

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