Bioresonance therapy complexes by our doctor



We provide you with the service of a doctor’s consultation. Our doctor, a specialist in bioresonance therapy, will make a special set of programs for you according to the current health situation with all the necessary instructions. We recommend you to buy this service if:

  • you have one of our devices Life Balance 1.0 or Life Balance 2.0
  • you have a bothering health problem and you want to get the best out of bioronance therapy 
  • your tests are not improving with the use of automatic complexes
  • your automatic complexes  last more than 2 hours for more than a few weeks.


Purchase Protection

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All the goods purchased in Yourlifexpert store via PayPal get an extra layer of Purchase Protection. If an order doesn’t arrive or it doesn’t match the description, PayPal will reimburse the full cost of eligible purchases plus original shipping.

In the other cases you can use automatic complexes:

  • for prevention as a wellness preventive medicine. Do an express test with Life Expert or Life Expert Profi and download an automatically created complex by WebWellness software into your Life Balance or Life Balance 2.0 device.
  • you have a new, acute health problem that is not serious. Please, download an automatic complex or look for the needed programs with the help of our FAQ inside the programmer into WebWellness software. 

What do I do if I am looking for bioresonance therapy near me? Choose the support of our doctor in bioresonance therapy, purchase this package together with Life Balance or Life Balance 2.0 devices and contact us and we will send you the questionary and all the instructions.

You will get an individual complex with the next stages treatment: 

  • detox of the body to cleanse itself of toxins
  • antiparasitic program
  • program for the harmonization and restoration of organs and systems
  • a special program for your health situation (s).
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