VIP package 3 Life Balance + INCLUDES WebWellness Top-Up Rated at 300€


Life Balance bioresonance is a device that works on the basis of electromagnetic frequencies using bioresonance therapy. It has the ability to clean the body from toxins and from parasites and at the same time to harmonize our organism – all the organs and systems of the body, recover chakras and energy balance, and help to harmonize psychological state of mind using special programs with electromagnetic frequencies.

This technology hasn’t appeared yesterday, there are years and almost a century of studies in order to find out that special frequencies can do such a positive effect on our health. Life Balance bioresonance is using frequencies of Dr. Royal Rife and Dr. Voll on its basis. For more information about the history of the method of bioresonance and WebWellness system, you can check in our webinar in the Blog section.

Take advantage of the package 3 Life Balance bioresonance devices. Buying 3 of these bioresonance machines you can provide all your family members needed support using WebWellness system health extension technologies.

This package includes a 300 euros balance for WebWellness software.

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VIP package 3 Life Balance bioresonance:

Characteristics of the package:

  • Life Balance bioresonance natural biosystems adjusting device – 3 pcs.
  • Power supply unit – charger 3 pcs.
  • USB cable 3 pcs.
  • Case for the device 3 pcs.
  • Certificate/Manual English and Russian 6 pcs.
  • Device package 3 pcs.


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