Bioresonance for Animals: Life Animal

It is such a great feeling to come back home, where you are always welcomed by your beloved pets. They are waiting for you whether you are in a good or a bad mood. They do not only filll our house with the charefulness and plenty of positive emotions but also contribute healthy energy to us. At the same time we encourage our pets giving them unconditional care, love and attention.

When they get sick- we are willing to do our best in order to help them. This is the reason why we want to use the most effective, safest and natural way to cure our pets and to prevent their illnesses. We want to present you one of our products Life Animal bioresonance wellness device which totally match this description.

The result of many years of research and development of scientists has become Life Animal device designed to effectively eliminate parasites, clean the body of toxins and prevent many diseases and specially skin diseases of animals by using bioresonance therapy for animals. 

With the help of electromagnetic waves, which in their frequency coincide with vibrations of microorganisms, Life Animal acts on pathogenic microorganisms in the animal’s body and destroys them, strengthening these vibrations. That is why bioresonance is widely used in veterinary practice.

The bioresonance for animals device initially has a general strengthening and antiparasitic program, and can also be programmed with other veterinary programs using a WebWellness software. Life Animal has 4 power modes depending on the size of your beloved animal. That is why it can also be used with larger animals than pets such as horses, cows or other farm animals.

It goes with a durable case with a collar fastener loop and a carabiner for fixing it on the animal.Use the latest technology to let your pet be happy and healthy for many years. Remember: the best treatment is always the prevention of diseases.

Improve your pet´s health now!

Life Animal capabilities:

Frequency range from 0.1 Hz to 1 MHz.

  • 4 power modes depending on the size of your beloved animal.
  • resonance-frequency therapy utilizing specific frequencies that generate health-promoting effect in diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, helminths, protozoa and fungi. The resonance-frequency therapy is used for acute or chronic conditions and degenerative diseases.
  • induction therapy utilizing electromagnetic oscillations in the range of electroencephalogram frequencies (alfa-, beta-, theta-, delta rhythm) targeted at balancing irregular rhythms.
  • exogenous bioresonance therapy (BRT) utilizing preset frequencies that have a positive therapeutic effect in various pathologies.

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