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WebWellness - bioresonance machines to protect the health of your family

VEGA testing systems and Bioresonance machines for sale at factory prices. Support and free bioresonance therapy training for each client.

WebWellness official representative

WebWellness - bioresonance machines to protect the health of your family

WebWellness Vega testing systems and Bioresonance machines for sale at factory prices. We provide support and free access to a bioresonance therapy training for each of our clients.

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Innovative bioresonance therapy machines

The work of bioresonance  machines  is based on the effect of electromagnetic waves on living cells. During operation, the device enhances physiological and weakens pathological vibrations of cells that occur during diseases. Therefore, effective recovery and healing of the body is achieved. The devices make it easy to perform at home bioresonance testing and select the appropriate treatment program at home. Regular use of bioresonance therapy machines corrects the functioning of organs and helps to cope with a number of chronic diseases.

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прибор биорезонансной терапии Life Balance

Health Diagnostics

WebWelness scans 47 organs and systems and detects more than 70 disorders in the body at early stages. With bioresonance scanner, a health checkup is always available without visiting a doctor. The system selects the ideal supplements, cosmetics, food and medicines.

Drug-Free Therapy

According to the test results, WebWellness software automatically creates a therapy complex. Regular use of it in a short time can effectively correct the state of health without taking medications, which often harm the body more than the disease itself.

Health Monitoring

With the help of WebWellness devices, you can regularly monitor the performance of the organism and maintain the health of your family members on a daily basis. The regular use of bioresonance machines relieves fatigue and stimulates the immune system.

Effective correction of a number of chronic diseases

What health problems can bioresonance therapy devices help with?

Respiratory system

Bronchitis, Bronchial asthma, Emphysema, Tracheitis, Pneumonia.

The cardiovascular system

Varicose veins, Hypertension, Arrhythmia, Vascular atherosclerosis, Ischemic disease.

Endocrine system

Hyperthyroidism, Nodular goiter, Hypothyroidism, Diffuse toxic goiter, Diabetes.

Nervous system

Paresis, Insomnia, Migraine, Dizziness, The recovery period after a stroke.

Digestive system

Gastritis, Cholelithiasis, Colitis, Pancreatitis, Peptic ulcer disease.

Genitourinary system

BPH, Dysmenorrhea, Urolithiasis disease, Fibroids, Pyelonephritis.

Skin and subcutaneous tissue

Acne, Demodicosis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Allergic urticaria.

Musculoskeletal system

Arthritis, Arthrosis, Bone fractures, Myositis, Lumbodynia.

WebWellness bioresonance machines for sale

Business Process Technologies  company has integrated technologies into smart portable bioresonance devices. Bioresonance technology is now available for home use and help thousands of people to improve their health and prolong life.


Life Balance 2.1 has a therapeutic and healing effect. Contains over 600 programs for solving health issues. It relieves the body of parasites and pathogens and harmonizes the work of organs and systems.

Life Expert Profi 3.0 testing machine

Life Expert 3.0 is able to scan 47 organs and systems, body mass index, select correct diet using multi-test in only 25 seconds. Selects suitable  supplements and cosmetics. Creates individual health improvement programs such as – general complex, allergy complex. symptomatic complex and immune system protection complex.

Life Beauty - аппарат для фотоомоложения лица

Life Beauty LED facial device is Light therapy and Bioresonance treatment in one compact device. Life Beauty is a universal tool for facial skincare, anti-aging treatments, deep muscle relaxation, and lymphatic drainage in the comfort of your home.  

Learning center WebWellness

In order for you to learn more about bioresonance technologies and WebWellness products, we have developed the Learning center. Here you’ll find important and useful information about bioresonance technologies and WebWellness devices.


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Your Life Expert - Official Representative of Business Process Technologies

We are the official representative of Business Process Technologies, who together with the manufacturer, Lidomed Bio, has developed the unique WebWellness health system: Bioresonance devices with an intelligent software.  More than a thousand users around the world have already appreciated the high quality of our Yourlifexpert company’s service.  We provide an exclusive service:

WebWellness - Bioresonance devices Trusted by 41,000 Families in 63 countries

SARS passes quickly!
SARS passes quickly!Suvorova Sofia
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I have not been using the device for a long time, no more than a week but I can no longer imagine my life without it. Now I am mastering the programs and I can already note the first positive results. During this time, I suffered SARS and recovered in two days. The device quickly relieved an attack of severe coughing, which provoked vomiting, as well as pain in the body from toxins.
My allergy to pollen is gone!
My allergy to pollen is gone!Vitaly Bondarev
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I have suffered from pollen allergy for many years. Two weeks ago, I finally dealt with my long-standing problem. The flowering period was just beginning, my eyes were watery, and my nose was stuffy. I managed to do it without a single pill; I used the Life Expert Profi device. Now I breathe freely, despite the fact that everything is blooming!
 I am fighting for the health of my children!
I am fighting for the health of my children!Nadezhda Tulupova
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We bought the Life Balance device when our eldest daughter was diagnosed with autism and epilepsy. We have been using the device for about two years. Our daughter’s condition has improved with the help of special programs for autism and her development has accelerated: there is no deterioration in her condition. I am very happy with the result!
Coped with seasickness!
Coped with seasickness!Tatiana Kovalenko
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My family has been using WebWellness devices for several years now. Once we were on a sea excursion and as always, I had my Life Balance device with me. It saved my family and all the passengers from an attack of seasickness during a storm. It stopped the severe dizziness, nausea and vomiting. All the travelers thanked me and expressed their delight with this small device!
No more pain after a tailbone fracture!
No more pain after a tailbone fracture!Butina Maria
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I am breastfeeding my baby, so I can't take medicine. Ten days ago, I fell and broke my tailbone. I had severe pain, I could not walk and sit at all. With the help of “Life Expert Profi” and “Life Balance” devices, in ten days, I recovered without medication. I feel great and can walk again!
Effective back pain relief!
Effective back pain relief!Bangiev Mishael
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Two months ago, I bought a Life Balance 2.0 device after friends recommended it to me. I first turned it on as soon as I felt back pain. After about two minutes of using the program, the pain disappeared. Since then, I have stopped using painkillers. My favorite Life Balance 2.0 always saves me. I use it for any problems and recommend it to you with all my heart.

Frequently asked Questions

Bioresonance is the ability of every cell of the body to emit electromagnetic waves. In normal conditions, the body performs harmonic oscillations and in pathological conditions—disharmonic oscillations. 

By producing electromagnetic harmonizing frequencies, it is possible to adjust the vibrations of the cells to the frequency of healthy organs.

Treating severe chronic diseases is a lengthy and costly process. Traditional medicine is not used to get to the root of the disease; pills are normally used to control the symptoms but it often does not lead to a positive result.

At the same time, the unique properties of bioresonance therapy is a very useful tool against chronic diseases. Bioresonance therapy machines work with the cause of the health problem, eliminates toxins from the body, harmful agents. It also restores the work of all the organs by adjusting the electromagnetic field of damaged tissues to the vibration frequency of healthy structures. The devices help to select medicines, cosmetics, supplements that coincide in their frequency characteristics with the oscillations of damaged cells. You no longer need to overpay for non-beneficial supplements.

These impressive scientific discoveries formed the basis for the creation of modern bioresonance machines. Life Expert Profi devices scan and record electrical resistance from bioactive points of the skin. Then they are compared to reference frequencies by artificial intelligence.

WebWellness system using neural networks identifies the condition of each organ of the body. Due to the results of a test, an automatic bioresonance health program is created and can be downloaded into the Life Balance treatment device in less than 1 minute. By emitting special low electromagnetic waves, the Life Balance device resonates with oscillations of different parasites (viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi, helminths) in order to eliminate them and the toxins they produce. It also has a therapeutic effect by helping us to always stay toned and providing our organs and systems the needed support for better functioning.

  • In 1879, Academician Vvedensky introduced the concept of the optimal rhythm of oscillations during electrical stimulation for a cell;
  • For 14 years, Raymond Royal Rife has been developing a method for selecting the frequency of electromagnetic waves that are harmful to pathogens; he invented a high-precision microscope for detecting the parasites and studying their behavior;
  • Reinhold Voll found points on the body with high electrical potential and created electroacupuncture testing technology.
    Dr. Schimmel developed a first VEGA test that detects diseases in the early stages;
  • I.Nakatani created a method of express testing;
  • Franz Morell and Erich Rasche pioneered passive bioresonance therapy (BRT);
  • Yuri Gotovsky created a prototype of the modern equipment for bioresonance therapy.

With the help of bioresonance machines, acute, life-threatening diseases and injuries cannot be treated. Bioresonance therapy is used in the subacute and recovery period as part of complex therapy. If your condition deteriorates sharply and suddenly, and you feel severe pain, see your doctor. In this case, bioresonance can be used as an auxiliary therapy tool.

We deliver products all over the world. When placing an order, we choose the closest showroom to the location of the client where the ordered product is available.

Business Process Technologies is a network marketing company. To become a partner, you need to purchase any VIP set with devices. If you are interested in cooperation or want to know more information about the company, follow this link.

Life Balance has two antennas built into it. Both generate waves with a frequency of 27.12 MHz and 10 KHz. These carrier frequencies are considered “windows of transparency” of the human body. The impulses do not cause vibrations of cells or heat the tissues of organs. Electromagnetic waves do not introduce extraneous energy or create stress on tissues.

Therefore, bioresonance therapy devices are considered the safest for the patient’s health. The carrier frequency is used to introduce operating vibrations into the body. The operating frequencies in the Antiparasitic antenna are in the range from 0.1 Hz to 100 kHz. And for a harmonizing antenna, the operating frequency range is from 0.1 to 100 Hz. These devices are safer than listening to radio broadcasts that broadcast at frequencies in the range of 80-100 MHz.

These are different devices. Life Expert devices are designed for testing of the body while Life Balance devices are used for bioresonance treatment.

Do not worry. If you can figure out how to use a smartphone, you will understand how to use WebWellness devices. When purchasing the devices, you receive video instructions and access to the Yourlifexpert closed community chat on Telegram. Moreover, you get lifelong support from the team of our website.

We communicate with clients in a special chat. If necessary, we can organize a video call, where we answer all your questions in detail. We also do free webinars that you can visit and watch online.

In the “Products” section, you can get information about the operation of each of the devices in detail. We also have a section with a guide for users, where you can also learn more about the bioresonance therapy machines.

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Start taking care of your health today!
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Did you know that all of our new customers will receive a gift access to a free course on Bioresonance technologies valued at 100 euros. As well, you will receive free individual support and exclusive access to the WebWellness community at no cost. Your health matters!