IMPORTANT!!! All the customers together with a product receive a special full free bioresonance course in English about how to use the WebWellness system rated at 100 euros. We give the best service to our clients to make you trully understand the bioresonance products technology and get the most out of it.

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22 April - 14 May


From April 22 to May 14 any packages purchased from VIP automatically receive 10% cashback to your WebWellness account. You can spend this bonus on using the program or on your next purchases.

Bioresonance Products – is a retail store of wellness technologies worldwide.

Basically, we are specified in electromagnetic bioresonance therapy devices, which help people to improve their health naturally and can be used in the long term. Moreover, our body itself emits this type of frequency and has it’s own electromagnetic field, so it resonates to the frequency of the device.

One of our main aims is also to show you how to maintain your health by preventing different diseases. That is why you can find a lot of useful information about healthy lifestyle and theory of electromagnetic therapy on this page. WebWellness system is an innovative health technology with equipment for both doctors and people with no medical training. 

Nowadays alternative medicine is getting more popular and our products as well. 

This is a unique system of bioresonance products that includes a set of instruments for:

  • complete testing of the body

  • compilation of automatic treatment complexes based on the testing results 

  • monitoring the progress and changes in the body with the help of a cloud database that stores and processes your results.

  • treating food intolerance and testing suplements and cosmetics for allergy

By using the bioresonance therapy machines on ourselves we definitely suggest you try our integrative WebWellness system of electromagnetic therapy.

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