A complete guide to Bioresonance technology: Application. Efficiency. Side effects.

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What is bioresonance

Bioresonance technology – an efficient method of alternative medicine that uses electromagnetic waves to fight chronic diseases, functional disorders, infections, and parasites.

Bioresonance is successfully applied by medical doctors and patients all over the world. The method is also widely used for prophylaxis. By influencing the human body, bioresonance improves health and prevents the development of a wide number of chronic diseases.

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What is bioresonance technology and how does it work?

Each cell of our body emits electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic vibrations remain physiologically correct as long as cell structures are absolutely healthy. But as the disease progresses, the cell gets damaged and ceases to function properly. Such disruption of cell structure leads to changes in its energy wavelengths.

Bioresonance devices can read the energy wavelengths coming from cells within the body, detect deviations from the benchmarks and bring frequencies back to normal. This phenomenon is called bioresonance.

Bioresonance technology takes place with help of two types of Bioresonance devices: Bioresonance therapy machines and Vega testing machines.

The vega testing machines scan the human body and record the length and frequency of electromagnetic waves coming from cells and organs. With the help of artificial intelligence, this data is being converted into a comprehensive health report.

Bioresonance therapy machines also use electromagnetic waves. But unlike bioresonance scanners, they are able to build individual treatment plans. Then by emitting the healthy frequencies bioresonance therapy machines affect the frequency of cell vibrations, thus returning them to the benchmarks.

The science behind bioresonance technology

 Scientists learned of the existence of bioresonance phenomenon back in the 19th century. At that time, they were trying to figure out what systems and processes were affected by cell wavelengths.

 At the end of the century, the Russian physiologist Vvedensky made an important discovery – he established the relationship between the rhythm of cell vibrations and electric stimuli.

 A little later, the American inventor Royal Rife discovered time-lapse microscopy imaging, which was capable of magnifying objects by 61 thousand times. It is this scientist who became the founder of bioresonance and was the first to define its concept. Rife was engaged in microscopy imaging trying to find electromagnetic wavelengths able to destroy pathogens – viruses and bacteria – for 14 years.


Royal Rife 


Further steps in the development of bioresonance technology were very rapid:

Bio resonance technology has been used for detection of medical conditions and correction of human organs functionality for more than 30 years.

Despite the methodology’s young age, it has proved to be an excellent approach and helped thousands of patients get rid of their chronic diseases and improve health.

How bioresonance works?

Each cell of our body emits electromagnetic waves. Cellular vibrations form a spectrum of weak electromagnetic wavelengths different for each organ. Bioresonance scanners capture and analyze the frequency of electromagnetic waves to detect health problems. Bioresonance therapy devices affect cells’ electromagnetic vibrations to combat the detected disorders.

Bioresonance testing and therapy are completely safe procedures with no radiation exposure whatsoever. Based on diagnostic screening and the detected organ abnormalities, certain parameters are set for electromagnetic waves. They are different for various diseases. Thanks to these settings, bioresonance technology targets the affected cells and does not touch healthy tissues.

If the cause of your illness is bacteria, viruses or parasites, bioresonance technology will specifically target those.

Demonstrative example. The effects of bioresonance on parasites.

About bioresonance scanning

Modern bioresonance scanning devices are compact and handy devices easy to use by anyone. You do not need medical education or special skills to carry out diagnostic testing. Thanks to the device’s clear interface, you can perform the test yourself.

The bio resonance scan detects the frequency of electromagnetic vibrations of our organs and systems and compares the data with benchmarks. By analyzing the nature of changes in the vibrations, the device makes the diagnosis and suggests a treatment plan.

The main examination areas of bioresonance testing are as follows:

биорезонансная диагностика

Bioresonance therapy does it work?

Electromagnetic vibrations control all cellular processes. When a pathogenic agent (parasite, virus or bacteria) enters human body, electromagnetic impulses change and cells stop functioning properly. This is how the disease develops.

Bioresonance therapy machines affect the body with electromagnetic waves, which amplify healthy vibrations and significantly weakens pathological ones. This brings the body back to a healthy state and helps cope with the disease.

Various parameters are set for electromagnetic waves, depending on which organs and systems are to be treated. Regular use of bioresonance technology helps to improve your health and functioning of all your body systems.

Bioresonance therapy is used for:

What diseases is bioresonance applied against?

Bioresonance therapy is used against various diseases. The modern technological devices work in three directions: general therapeutic, antiparasitic and tonic.

Bioresonance is also efficient against allergic diseases, infections and parasites. The regular use of bioresonance therapy will help you cope with chronic pain syndromes of various etiology: injuries, physical fatigue, prolonged sedentary work.

биорезонансная терапия

Life Balance bioresonance therapy device

Bioresonance technology and health maintenance

Bioresonance technology is also an efficient preventive method. This is due to the fact that electromagnetic exposure can be used to promote human health.

For that purpose, the device affects the human body with electromagnetic waves at physiological wavelengths. Such method of exposure enhances cells’ healthy electromagnetic vibrations and increases your body’s resistance to various diseases.

Benefits of bioresonance diagnostics and therapy

How effective is Bioresonance technology?

Like any other method of treatment, Bioresonance technology has its supporters and opponents. There is an ongoing debate among scientists, but the adherents of bioresonance have one huge advantage, namely, the well-established facts and research results confirming the efficiency of bioresonance therapy.

Scientists' opinion

The method of bioresonance therapy has been used for over 30 years. During that time, scientists around the world have conducted numerous independent studies confirming the efficiency of bioresonance. Let’s look at the most significant research:

What Patients Say

A huge number of people post their reviews of bioresonance therapy in the Internet. Users who have applied the devices themselves or ordered them for their relatives, are spreading the word about the efficiency of bioresonance. This method of exposure has helped so many people cope with the unpleasant symptoms of their chronic diseases. Bioresonance has also been efficient in cases traditional medicine has been unable to cope with.

People speak very positively about the ability of bioresonance to improve their health. Almost all patients who have used bioresonance instruments for health promotion have noticed that they caught cold much less often.

Who is the bioresonance suitable for?

This method of diagnosis, therapy and prevention fits for all those who take care of their health. Its high safety level makes it suitable for children, the elderly and those suffering from chronic illnesses. Bioresonance therapy is also an excellent choice if your body is overmedicated and you are looking for safer ways to fight health problems.

Dangers of bioresonance and its side effects

According to multiple studies, bioresonance has no side effects. This method of therapy and prevention is safe, which is why it is widely used by medical doctors and patients all over the world. But you should consult your physician before using bioresonance devices for diagnostics and therapy.

Contraindications for bioresonance therapy

Bioresonance is one of the safest alternative medical techniques. However, the following conditions should be treated with bioresonance only after you consult your physician:

Absolute contraindications:

With caution:

Bioresonance therapy machines

Life Expert Profi is a compact, easy-to-use instrument for vega testing machine. The device can detect more than 70 diseases, and  automatically create an individual healing programs.

Life Expert is a bioresonance scanning device with a sensitive scanner examining 47 organs and systems. The instrument also helps detect infestation by parasites and microorganisms.

Life Balance is a portable bioresonance therapy machine used to correct organ functionality and prevent a wide range of chronic diseases. In addition to its general therapeutic action, it also helps cleanse the body of parasites and pathogens.

Life Balance 2.0 is an advanced bioresonance therapy device used for systemic healing. The model is supplemented with an anti-parasitic antenna with a wave deviation option. Thanks to this function, parasites, bacteria and viruses lose their ability to adapt to bioresonance effect.

Bioresonance therapy devices are simple and easy to use, which makes them handy for people without any medical experience.

аппарат биорезонансной диагностики купить

Bioresonance scanning device  Life Expert Profi

Прибор биорезонансной терапии Life Balance

Bioresonance therapy machine  Life Balance

Bioresonance is an efficient method of diagnosis, therapy and prevention, helping to tackle a wide range of chronic diseases and functional disorders. Bioresonance therapy helps fight unpleasant symptoms and strengthens the body in an effective way. Functional and easy-to-use Bioresonance devices help monitor your health and promptly react to any disorders. Always consult your physician before using bioresonance devices.

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