Bioresonance therapy devices: what are the types and how will they help you?


Everyone has heard about bioresonance devices, but nothing is clear. What are they used for? What types of devices are there? What are the health and beauty benefits? And how to choose the correct device. Let’s figure it out in this article.

From this article you will learn:

  • What is bioresonance technology?
  • Types of bioresonance therapy devices
  • What are the benefits of BRT devices for beauty and health?
  • How to choose the correct device for you?

Bioresonance therapy device. What is it?

Bioresonance devices  are devices for various purposes, the action of which is based on the phenomenon of bioresonance. With the help of BRT devices you can:

  • Carry out computer diagnostics of the body;
  • Treat chronic and acute diseases;
  • Get rid of parasites and fungi in the body;
  • Choose favorable food, cosmetics and medicines;
  • Carry out cosmetic procedures for facial skin rejuvenation;
  • Treat acne and dermatological diseases*;
  • Create homeopathic medicines;
  • Treat illnesses in pets.

* Bioresonance has shown exceptional effectiveness in the treatment of severe dermatitis, psoriasis and the treatment of allergies to cold, since parasites are often the causative agents of these diseases.


Modern bioresonance devices are portable devices that can be used at home. Thanks to advanced software, the devices are able to measure more than 35,000 body function indicators, create detailed visual reports on the state of organs and systems, create individual bioresonance therapy complexes and implement them independently at home. Thus, artificial intelligence has made bioresonance technologies available to a wide range of users without medical education.

How does bioresonance work?

Man is an infinitely large system of electromagnetic oscillations. Fluctuations originate in organs, tissues, cells and underlie the regulation of all body functions. Our body generates vibrations, and also receives them from outside.

The basic principles of Bioresonance are based on the fact that when the body is healthy, it emits harmonic or physiological vibrations. When pathogenic factors or a disease appear in the body, new sources of electromagnetic vibrations, the so-called pathological or disharmonic ones, are formed, which violate its physiological balance.

As a result, the body loses the ability to maintain balance, eliminate pathological fluctuations and, as a result, falls ill. Therefore, the task of bioresonance therapy is to “cleanse” the body from harmful vibrations and additionally “feed” its physiological frequencies.

Also, bioresonance technologies are an effective tool for combating parasites, which often become the primary source of diseases.

The main difference between bioresonance technologies and classical medicine is the fact that the organism is taken as a united system and the therapy is applied against the primary source of diseases. BRT devices allow to detect diseases at early stages and prevent their development.

Bioresonance therapy devices for diagnostics of the organism

Bioresonance diagnostics allows you to measure the electromagnetic oscillations of the organs and systems of the body, analyze the indicators, compare them with reference values ​​and make a comprehensive conclusion about the health state of the organs and systems of the body. The test results will help the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis and choose the appropriate treatment regimen.

Diagnostics is carried out using devices for vegetative-resonance testing. Also known as BRT devices or Vega test devices.

Let’s consider the possibilities of bioresonance diagnostics based on the operation of the Life Expert Profi BRT device from WebWellness, one of the leaders in the market of bioresonance technologies.

Life Expert Profi is an innovative bioresonance diagnostic device

Life Expert Profi device has built-in functionality for both doctors and users with no medical experience. The device allows to carry out both bioresonance diagnostics and BRT therapy using Chinese and Voll meridians.

This is a compact device, the size of a modern tonometer. The device comes with electrodes (components) that are attached to the body according to the instructions. The procedure is painless and very fast. After attaching the electrodes, you need to press the start button and the device will do its job. In just a minute, the BRT device will measure more than 35,000 body parameters and send the data to the server.

After the data is collected, the main work begins – analysis, reporting and treatment planning. The WebWellness software, using artificial intelligence, compares measurements with reference values ​​and creates a clear visual report on the state of the body. Such a report contains many explanations, educational materials that are understandable to users without medical education.

With the help of the BRT device, you can:

  • Test the condition of 47 organs and systems;
  • Conduct electropuncture diagnostics (only available to doctors);
  • Determine the presence of helminths, fungi and toxins in the body;
  • Choose favorable food, medicines, vitamins and dietary supplements;
  • Monitor and record the effectiveness of treatment;
  • Calculate body mass index and how weight affects your health;
  • To make individual treatment programs of bioresonance therapy;
  • Carry out BRT therapy along the Chinese meridians.

Life Expert Profi bioresonance diagnostic devices provide an opportunity for health specialists to assess the risks of developing pathologies, select supplements, and consider options for restoring the functions of the patient’s body.

The device is successfully used by family medicine doctors, reflexologists and physiotherapists, cosmetologists, nutritionists, sports medicine doctors, etc.

Learn more about the Life Expert Profi device for bioresonance diagnostics.

Bioresonance therapy devices for home use

Bioresonance therapy allows you to influence pathological fluctuations and restore the normal functioning of organs and systems without medication. The therapy is especially effective at the earliest stages of disease development and for prevention.

The action of bioresonance therapy is also aimed at cleansing the body of pathogenic microorganisms (parasites, viruses, protozoa, fungi and bacteria), which often become the causes of chronic diseases.

Bioresonance therapy is implemented using Bioresonance therapy devices.

Consider the possibilities of bioresonance therapy based on the functionality of the popular model of the BRT device – Life Balance 2.1  or Life Balance Contact from WebWellness

Life Balance 2.1 is an ultra modern BRT device

Life Balance 2.1 is the “IPhone” in the bioresonance technology market. Like other devices of the WebWellness line, the ultra-modern bioresonance therapy device is based on advanced software with cloud storage servers.

The Life Balance 2.1 device stands out among analogues on the bioresonance technology market with its modern design and compact size (the device looks like a smartphone). With its help, you can carry out bioresonance therapy without interrupting your usual activities, even while sleeping.

Thanks to a simple interface, BRT Life Balance 2.1 can be used by people without medical education.

The device contains more than 600 ready-made therapeutic complexes, plus you can download another 3000 complexes from the cloud server of the WebWellness software. In addition to ready-made therapeutic complexes, you can create and download individual complexes based on the results of bioresonance testing using the Life Expert series devices, which we wrote about above.

Read more about the various therapeutic complexes available for Life Balance in our article WebWellness Therapeutic Complexes

The Life Balance 2.1 device allows you to:

  • Destroy pathogenic microorganisms and eliminate the consequences of their impact;

  • Normalize the work of the affected organs and systems;

  • Relieve stress, increase tone and strengthen immune functions.

BRT devices for skin beauty and youth

Another unique ability of devices for bioresonance therapy is to take care of the beauty and youth of the skin. It is known that the skin is the main excretory organ and an indicator of the general condition of the body. A painful condition of the skin and rashes can tell a lot about disorders of the organs and systems of the body.

The action of BRT beauty devices is also based on the impact on the cause of skin diseases using electromagnetic pulses. For example, if the cause of skin rashes is a parasite or a bacteria, then the BRT device will help to effectively destroy them.

Bioresonance therapy devices for facial  and body skin are multifunctional devices that also include the functions of hardware cosmetology: massage, RF lifting, light therapy, muscle myostimulation. That allows you to fight the signs of aging and improve the overall condition of the skin.

To date, there is only one device for the beauty and youth of the skin on the market with bioresonance therapy technology. This is an innovative device for photorejuvenation Life Beauty from WebWellness.

Life Beauty is an ultra modern BRT device

The Life Beauty device is a home doctor and cosmetologist. A unique device for bioresonance and light therapy, which very quickly collected a lot of positive feedback from users and specialists. The device combines two technologies: photorejuvenation and bioresonance therapy. It is the only device that has both functions.

Not a single cosmetologist is able to carry out such a deep diagnosis and point therapy, unlike the unique set of devices of the WebWellness system.

What Life Beauty provides:

  • Massage effect

  • RF lifting;

  • Light therapy;

  • Muscular myostimulation;

  • Phonophoresis;

  • Impact of ultrasound vibrations and high-frequency impulses on nerve endings;

  • Bioresonance therapy.

Life Beauty is part of the WebWellness family. If you are a happy owner of the Life Expert Profi device, you can conduct an express body test and create a complex of bioresonance therapy for the Life Beauty device.

Learn more about Life Beauty


What else are BRT devices capable of?

The unique functions of bioresonance therapy devices also include the creation of homeopathic medicines and the treatment of pets. Let’s consider these functions in more detail on the example of bioresonance therapy devices from WebWellness.

Life Transfer - homeopathic pharmacy

Perhaps you did not know, but modern technologies allow you to transfer the medicinal properties of drugs to other carriers. That’s what the Life Transfer active reprinter is for. It is capable of carrying out energy-informational transfer (rewriting) of the medicinal properties of various preparations (homeopathic preparations, nosodes, organ preparations, toxins, etc.) from ampoules and homeopathic grains to various carriers. To transfer information from an electronic copy of nosodes and recipes within the WebWellness software, Life Transfer must be used together with the Life Expert Profi device.

Learn more about Life Transfer

Summing up

Bioresonance therapy devices are a new step in the history of mankind towards a long and healthy life. Non-drug treatment of diseases, individual approach, fight against the primary source of the disease, holistic approach, accessibility for people without medical education. This is a real breakthrough in the prevention and treatment of diseases.

We hope that our article has helped you understand the benefits of bioresonance therapy devices and how to choose the right device.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you find answers, select a device that will help improve the quality of life for all members of your family or for a professional use!

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