Vega Test: Life Expert Profi

Life Expert Profi is based on bioresonance technology and can perform an express home testing (as a Life Expert device)  and has a special module for the doctors (Life Expert Profi). All these characteristics are combined in the unique software WebWellness.

Life Expert Profi is a unique vega test device which was created especially for both doctors and people with no medical background.

Life Expert Profi is sharing the same software, based on bioresonance technology with the Life Expert device. By switching the software module between them you can choose which program you want to use anytime you want. By purchasing one device you are flexible in your choice.

This bioresonance testing device is perfect for:

  • Naturopathic and holistic doctors as it works according to the principles of electro-acupuncture, makes a bioresonance food intolerance testing, supplements testing, chooses a perfect healthy diet for the patient, performs a contact bioresonance therapy (brt) has a vega test and electro-acupuncture by Voll (eav test) built in.
  • Traditional doctors who want to try something new in their medical practice and to find the reason of the health issues of their clients faster, determine the organs and systems conditions, test their patients for parasites, etc.
  • Those who do not have a medical education but want to use the bioresonance testing device for their family doing the wide express testing, using a food navigator, choosing a zodiac diet, sport diet and doing a bioresonance contact therapy.

Life Expert Profi bioresonance testing device and WebWellness software has the following features:

  • Express testing
  • Drugs and supplements selection
  • Food intolerance testing
  • Electroacupuncture according to Voll (eav test)
  • Vega-test
  • Bioresonance therapy (meridian resonance therapy)
  • Automatic composition of bundles for bioresonance therapy (BRT) devices based on test results
  • Selector database for the hardware-software system consisting of more than 35,000 test resonance frequencies
  • A unique mechanism of self-improvement.

Generates the reports of:

  • Overall condition and risk level assessment for major systems
  • Causative factors
  • Diseased organs and systems
  • Probable diagnoses
  • Zodiac diet
  • Food navigator
  • Spine
  • Aurogram
  • Chakras
  • Skin projections according to Zakharin-Head’s zones
  • Physiological age with identification of adverse effects
  • Heavy metals
  • Vitamin deficiency

Improve your health now!

A lifetime warranty, an exchange stock for the period of repair and free upgrades for the entire operating period.

The Life Expert software for home use: each test costs 0,50€. 

The Life Expert Profi software system for doctors has a subscription monthly fee of 50€ (or 365€ subscription for the whole year) for unlimited using. Purchasing the Life Expert Profi itself 1 month of subscription is already included into the price or in a VIP package with one Life Balance device – 4 months of subscription is already included into the price. This way you can purchase a device for a reasonable price and have all the updates of the application totally for free.

To achieve the best health results it is recommended to use it together with the Life Balance device as they form a part of the WebWellness system.

Life Expert Profi report sample, click here.

Life Expert Profi comparison mode report sample, click here

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