Life Balance

Life Balance is a unique wellness machine based on bioresonance therapy ( brt ) which is created to help you to naturally improve your health. The device has 2 antennas inside: anti-parasitic and harmonizing (therapeutic) to be capable of working with all the body.

By emitting special low electromagnetic waves the device resonates with oscillations of different parasites (viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi, helminths) in order to eliminate them and the toxins they produce.

Life Balance also does a therapeutic effect with a harmonizing antenna’s frequency helping us to always stay toned and providing our organs and systems the needed support for a better functioning.

There are 71 installed programs and up to 3.000 more available to download with a WebWellness software. No special programming USB device is needed because the software and the USB cable to charge the device go with it. All programs have the names of the specific health  issues and are easy to select and download on the device. Or also can be  selected using our suggestions from FAQ.

At the same time, Life Balance machine works selectively and pointedly, only influencing on the issue if you have a certain problem. This has a huge advantage over frequent medical practice, where the pills prescribed inevitably affect all the organism. The pills are normally only getting rid of the symptoms, even ruining our microflora (as antibiotics).

Electromagnetic frequencies have no side effect and can be used by people of all ages. No matter how old you are, your health is a priceless treasure which you should always take care of.

Life Balance and Life Expert (Profi) equipment are forming a part of the WebWellness system and are recommended to be used together for a better result. After running a test on Life Expert (Profi) you will get an automatic complex for your Life Balance device due to the test results.

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Device capabilities

  • The device has already preloaded programs: 35 anti-parasite programs, 35 adjusting and harmonizing programs, energy restoring program (protecting body functions and fighting with fatigue).
  • Working range of the device is up to 1.5 meters.
  • Operating frequency range of the device is: 0.1Hz to 100KHz.
  • Frequency setting pitch: 0.01 Hz.
  • 2 internal radiating antennas with carrier frequencies of 27mHz and 10kHz.
  • Device programming with a Life Pro and WebWellness applications through the standard USB cable.
  • The device has 5 signal levels.
  • Colorful screen with a multilingual menu.
  • Power: Li-Ion battery.

Life Balance device and bioresonance therapy have certain contraindications. It can not be used by people with an implanted pacemaker or transplanted organs.

It is not a magical healing gadget – it is a scientifical proven method which was founded in 19 century. If you want to find out more about bioresonance, please visit our Blog

For more information please download the Manuals.

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