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Life Balance is a bioresonance therapy machine naturally healing your body with the help of electromagnetic waves. It has a therapeutic effect. It is efficient against parasites and pathogens, destroying their toxins. It harmonizes the functioning of organs and systems, helping you to stay healthy and keep up your energy balance. In our store you can purchase a  Life Balance device at the manufacturer’s price.

Bioresonance therapy with Life Balance machine

A compact bioresonance therapy machine Life Balance designed for home use. Its action is based on the phenomenon of bioresonance, which affects dysfunctional organs by harmonizing frequencies of electromagnetic waves. The device improves the user’s health in three ways – by having general therapeutic, antiparasitic and tonic effects. The following are the results of frequency oscillations:

Features of Life Balance device

Life Balance bioresonance machine is an effective aid in treating numerous chronic diseases difficult to treat with medication. Those include respiratory and cardiovascular systems diseases, digestive tract disorders, endocrine disorders and a number of other ailments.

Life Balance has more than 300 preset programs for the correction of pathologies. WebWellness application allows to additionally download any of the 3,000 individual programs available in the system or create a customized treatment plan with the help of our physician. The device can correct you organs functionality in a number of chronic diseases and improve the overall health. It has proven to be effective in preventing chronic diseases and correcting disorders at early stages. The instrument has a simple, intuitive interface, which makes operation easy for anybody, based on dozens of Life Balance Reviews

How does Life Balance bioresonance device work?

Step 1

Fighting parasites and eliminating toxins

The device does away with most infections and parasites present in your system. The device’s anti-parasitic modes have a wide range of action and blot out helminths, bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa. Destruction of harmful microorganism cells occurs due to the directional resonance-frequency effects.

The device generates electromagnetic waves with a specific frequency that destroy cell membranes of parasites and microorganisms. The device effectively and safely conducts deep cleansing of organs and tissues from toxins. Harmful substances are destroyed and removed under the influence of frequency waves.

bioresonance treatment
bioresonance machine
Step 2

Harmonization of human system operation

Life Balance machine normalizes the work of the patient’s organs and revitalizes the body. The bioresonance therapy device renders a general therapeutic effect and maintains the normal functioning of your body systems. Life Balance generates harmonizing low-frequency waves, which normalize the oscillating motion of damaged organ cells.

Damaged structures start to function in a healthy wave-length. The body’s self-recovery process is initiated. You can choose programs to improve the function of each organ or system. Their action is aimed at different types of pain, as well as correction and prevention of diseases.

Step 3

Recovers energy balance

Life Balance device generates waves normalizing the body’s bio-energy indicators. A self-regulation process begins and cellular structures are revitalized. The person’s energy charge boosts up and psycho-emotional tension goes down. The patient’s mood improves and he starts to feel much better.

There are programs to restore your vital energy, chakras and correct your psychosomatic status. There is a water structuring mode. The device reduces fatigue, prevents sleepiness. You will get a quiet profound sleep, which will make your brain recover overnight. The energy program will strengthen your body defenses.

bioresonance device

WebWellness bioresonance therapy machines

Life Balance device is available in two varieties. Read the detailed information about them. Compare specifications and capabilities.

life balance bioresonance therapy machine

Life Balance is a unique bioresonance therapy machine correcting the electromagnetic radiation of a living cell. It is based on analog operation principles and has mechanical buttons on the front panel. The device is intended both for ordinary users without medical education and doctors. The bioresonance therapy device is presented in a light-colored plastic case and has a color LCD screen and multi-language menu. It has fewer features than the advanced Life Balance 2.0 version. In our store you can purchase a Life Balance device at the manufacturer’s price.


A unique premium classbioresonsnce device Life Balance 2. 0 designed for systemic healing of human body. The device looks like an expensive smartphone, and it is used with modern applications for Apple and Android operating systems. It is compact and has a stylish design, and is controlled by a touch screen. Its anti-parasitic antenna is equipped with a deviation function. The device prevents pathogens from quickly adapting to the exposure. In our store you can purchase a Life Balance device at the manufacturer’s price.

life balance contact bioresonance device 3

A unique device in the WebWellness series that combines endogenous and exogenous effects on the body. Thanks to direct contact, it stimulates the body’s own resources many times stronger than existing analogs.. In our store you can purchase a Life Balance Contact device at the manufacturer’s price.

Can I use Life Balance separately from Life Expert?

We recommend that you use Life Balance together with Life Expert or Life Expert bioresonance testing devices. Because such combined usage allows for complex testing and correction of pathological changes in organs.

Life Expert series device is necessary to precisely detect your organ disorders. The device determines the presence of pathogens in human body, as well as any parasitic invasions. Based on the detected changes, Life Expert bioresonance testing device creates an automatic task to correct such functional deviations. This program is then loaded into Life Balance bioresonance therapy machine and used for healing the body. Life Balance device can also be used separately by manually inserting the necessary programs.

How to use Life Balance device correctly

Life Balance bioresonance  device is simple and easy to use. You can start using it two hours after delivery.

For more information, read the instructions you will get after purchasing the device. You can also find instructions for each  unit on our website. Our company gives a free training course to each customer on how to use the devices to each customer as a nice bonus. We will also provide personalized advice and support to you in our closed WebWellness customer community.

Unpacking the Life Balance device

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy to choose the right programs for your body. Each one is labeled with the name of organs and systems whose functions need correction. The specific parasites, symptoms or diseases to deal with are clearly marked. There is a special scheme of parasite inactivation and elimination shown in a special video.

 After purchasing the device, study the materials on how to create therapy programs properly. To escape choosing recovery modes at random, we recommend to use the Life Expert device. After you complete the testing, WebWellness system will select frequencies based on test results and make a suitable program. This makes the device accessible to people with no medical background.

There is no charge for using preset BRT programs. They are already loaded into the device’s memory. Mostly all the additional programs are available for free. It is possible to buy additional or individual programs for the correction of disorders by stages in your personal WebWellness area.

 Creating automatic healing programs is included in Life Expert Profi mode monthly subscription, and in Life Expert mode the cost is 0.5 cents per one automatic healing program.

The device contains antiparasitic programs to fight microorganisms and parasites, and to eliminate toxins. BRT general therapeutic modes are designed to regulate and harmonize the work of all bodily systems. There is also Life Energy program to relief fatigue and improve immunity.

The device can be partially controlled by touch buttons. But it is much more convenient to do it with the WebWellness app on your smartphone. Programs on the device are activated with touch buttons. All other controls, settings, power control are done via your smartphone.

The device communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Therefore, no Internet connection is required for its operation. You need an Internet connection to use the WebWellness app on your smartphone.

The app works on all modern IOS and Android smartphones and is available for download from Google Play Market and App Store.

Bluetooth is classified as high frequency radiation not hazardous for the human body. When you turn on the program and exit the app, it will be on standby, not working or transmitting data.  Open the program on your smartphone if you are using the device. This is only necessary to activate the program or change the settings.

The number of sessions a day depends on the condition you want to correct, you can find this information in the instructions. We recommend to apply Autohealing programs every day, they have no restrictions for use. Therapeutic programs are always useful, and anti-parasitic treatment shall be used according to protocols. Programs to clean up your system should be used as needed.

It is allowed to repeat BRT harmonizing programs several times a day (1-3 times a day or at night). This is explained by the fact that the body does not always tune in quickly to the frequency of healthy organs and systems.

We do not recommend to use antiparasitic programs more than once a day (except detoxication programs). Toxins leave the body gradually as a result of the applied resonance. There is no point in forcing the process. You can provoke deterioration of your health and exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Yes, BRT harmonizing programs can be used, they are relaxing the body and prepare you for the night’s sleep. There are special regimens for good sleep, insomnia treatment, and stress relief. It is not recommended to use anti-parasitic programs at night or modes aimed at improving the work of organs and systems, as well as energy boosting ones.

The body should rest. In cases of acute inflammation, the bioresonance therapy device shall be used 24 hours a day, until improvement. In such cases, you should apply programs necessary in your particular situation.

The auto-healing complex is a set of BRT programs, aimed at restoring your body functions and handling the person’s specific health problems. It is compiled by the WebWellness system, based on the results of testing done with Life Expert device.

 It selects the anti-parasitic and harmonizing frequencies necessary to improve your parameters. Simply download the program into the device, use it regularly and update it in due time.

If there is no program for a certain health condition problem in the device, you can find it in the WebWellness system and install it. Purchase additional BRT programs for the correction of various health conditions in the WebWellness system, through your personal account.

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