Instructions for WebWellness devices

Beginners guide. Step-by-step instructions for using WebWellness devices.

For Life Expert and Life Expert Profi

using the username and the password you were given or the one you registered (if you have registered by yourself).

Life Expert mode can be used with both devices Life Expert and the Profi. Life Expert Profi mode can only be used with the Profi device. An article about the difference between the devices and modes:

Life Expert Profi mode – 50 euros per month or 365 euros top up per year                                               Life Expert mode – 0,5 euros per month

If you don’t have enough balance – top up your WebWellness balance with Visa/Mastercard. Instructions click here

Here is a video instruction of how to make electrodes settings and how to use clips electrodes: 


Please pay attention to the red sticker on the electrodes. The red sticker means that this electrode should be for the right side of the body. Right foot, right hand an right side of the head.

We suggest you to read the manual in order to understand better how to use the device and the software.

On every page inside the software you will find an i sign with information about this page 

is that it can be used to test supplements, cosmetics, food. etc. Here is an instruction

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