Homeopathic Energy Transfer: Life Transfer

Homeopathic Medicine Making Machine

An active reprinter device «Life Transfer» is designed for homeopatic energy transfer (re-recording) of medicinal properties of various preparations (homeopathic medications, nosodes, organ-based preparations, toxins, etc.) from ampules and homeopathic grits to different carriers.

Under the concept of energy-information transfer of properties of various homeopathic preparations (nosodes, organ specific and classic homeopathic medicines), the process of their copying (re-recording) to different inert carriers by means of special technical devices is considered.

“Transfer” or “copying” of information from medicines used in electropuncture diagnostics and therapy by R. Voll is a particular issue of wider scientific problem of drug testing.

Distilled water, physiological saline, 40% spirit, 20% glycerine solution, homeopathic grits, human blood or plasma, lactose, wax, metals, for example, aluminum, as well as colloidal solutions and other materials, are used as substances for copying properties of original medicines.

The fact that water has memory for various chemical and physical (energy) effects and can be a kind of an information carrier has recently gained increasing recognition in the scientific world.

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The ability to carry out the energy-information transfer of medicinal properties of preparations in different dosages allows to get a new approach to the technology of homeopathic machine for medications manufacturing. In this case, any preparation of any dosage can be easily and quickly got and kept in any form for a quite long time.

In this regard, a doctor does not need to have a large set of preparations, because the active reprinter device “Life Transfer” will allow to obtain a continuous range of dosages basing on the original forms of homeopathic preparations.

The great interest in this regard is in the works of Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, who has shown that even after complete chemical treatment of water from harmful impurities contained in it (heavy metals, nitrates, bacteria, etc.) including double distillation, it stores information about these substances in the form of electromagnetic oscillations. These oscillations can be registered spectroscopically and, depending on the frequency, can be useful or harmful to the body.

Our device is an active reprinter. An active reprinter differs from a passive reprinter by the fact that the passive one re-records 1: 1, and the active one re-records with the gain from 0.1 to 10 that allows to change the dosage of a preparation from 1 up to 8 ampules. Our reprinter allows to prepare direct and inverse copies of preparations.

The active reprinter «Life Transfer» has an operator’s protective block. In addition, this reprinter is a fundamentally new development, as it uses a principle of protecting a doctor from the electromagnetic field that arises inevitably during the process of transfer of energy-information properties of medicines and that can lead to the emergence of “information disease” of the last one for a certain period.

It means that our device is safety for an operator.

The active reprinter «Life Transfer» is designed for operation in normal climatic conditions at an environment temperature from +10 °С to + 35°С and relative humidity of 80% at a temperature of 25 °С that corresponds to devices of moderately-cold climatic category 4.2 on stability and climatic influences in accordance with GOST 15150-69.

Moreover the device soon will be compatible with WebWellness application. It means that those who have Life Expert Profi device will be able to reprint the supplements and add them to their own electronic database! This way there is no need to always put a supplement into the container.

Technical characteristics

Device operation mode – automatic.

Types of transfer – direct, with inversion.

Dosages level – from 0.1 up to 10 with the smooth adjustment in a specified range.

Power supply – USB (+5В) low voltage computer port.

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