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Yourlifexpert online store is an official representative of Business Process Technologies, which has developed a unique WebWellness system together with manufacturer Lidomed Bio. The system includes intelligent software and bioresonance therapy devices.

The company’s mission is to use the cutting-edge technologies to improve human health by preventing and treating the causes of disease.

Business Process Technologies have been on the market for over 20 years, investing in the development of medical technologies at the interface of the latest IT developments. In order to expand and be able to satisfy an existing demand, in 2022 the company accommodated its production facilities in China, with special emphasis on the modern design and quality control.

The manufacturer has over 50 showrooms around the world today. It promotes its products through independent consultants worldwide.

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About  has been promoting and selling bioresonance technologies since 2017. In 2021, we became the winners of WebWellness Consultant Competition.

We believe in the idea that a healthy lifestyle is based on people’s awareness of what their body really needs and a holistic approach to treatment. That is why we actively promote the concept of healthy lifestyles, health care activities and incorporating alternative medical technologies into our daily life.

To make innovative bioresonance technologies understandable and available to everyone, we are constantly working to improve client support and education of our clients.

Yourlifexpert team is directly cooperating with the manufacturer of WebWellness devices. We try to get your needs and wishes across as quickly as possible, thus improving the devices and their software.

We are proud that thousands of our customers have appreciated bioresonance technologies and were able to improve their families’ quality of life.

WebWellness is an innovative system that can help extend life expectancy

WebWellness testing is the result of years of experience in research and development of medical technologies in reflexology, bioresonance diagnostics and energoinformational medicine.

WebWellness System is a series of bioresonance devices united by a unique software with artificial intelligence.

WebWellness devices allow to perform bioresonance testing, make up personalized therapeutic programs, and practise bioresonance therapy at home. WebWellness devices are capable of selecting medicines, vitamins and food, as well as creating homeopathic preparations.

WebWellness software contains a huge knowledge base allowing to assess the body’s condition based on 35,000 indices, containing over 3,000 ready-to-use therapeutic programs and able to create personalized therapeutic programs based on test results.

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WebWellness - products trusted by 3,200,000 families

SARS passes quickly!
SARS passes quickly!Suvorova Sofia
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I have not been using the device for a long time, no more than a week but I can no longer imagine my life without it. Now I am mastering the programs and I can already note the first positive results. During this time, I suffered SARS and recovered in two days. The device quickly relieved an attack of severe coughing, which provoked vomiting, as well as pain in the body from toxins.
My allergy to pollen is gone!
My allergy to pollen is gone!Vitaly Bondarev
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I have suffered from pollen allergy for many years. Two weeks ago, I finally dealt with my long-standing problem. The flowering period was just beginning, my eyes were watery, and my nose was stuffy. I managed to do it without a single pill; I used the Life Expert Profi device. Now I breathe freely, despite the fact that everything is blooming!
 I am fighting for the health of my children!
I am fighting for the health of my children!Nadezhda Tulupova
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We bought the Life Balance device when our eldest daughter was diagnosed with autism and epilepsy. We have been using the device for about two years. Our daughter’s condition has improved with the help of special programs for autism and her development has accelerated: there is no deterioration in her condition. I am very happy with the result!
Coped with seasickness!
Coped with seasickness!Tatiana Kovalenko
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My family has been using WebWellness devices for several years now. Once we were on a sea excursion and as always, I had my Life Balance device with me. It saved my family and all the passengers from an attack of seasickness during a storm. It stopped the severe dizziness, nausea and vomiting. All the travelers thanked me and expressed their delight with this small device!
No more pain after a tailbone fracture!
No more pain after a tailbone fracture!Butina Maria
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I am breastfeeding my baby, so I can't take medicine. Ten days ago, I fell and broke my tailbone. I had severe pain, I could not walk and sit at all. With the help of “Life Expert Profi” and “Life Balance” devices, in ten days, I recovered without medication. I feel great and can walk again!
Effective back pain relief!
Effective back pain relief!Bangiev Mishael
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Two months ago, I bought a Life Balance 2.0 device after friends recommended it to me. I first turned it on as soon as I felt back pain. After about two minutes of using the program, the pain disappeared. Since then, I have stopped using painkillers. My favorite Life Balance 2.0 always saves me. I use it for any problems and recommend it to you with all my heart.

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