We represent a Business Process technologies company who together with the manufacturer Lidomed Bio has developed the unique WebWellness health system with the intelligent software, bioresonance, and other wellness devices.

The manufacturer is on the market for 20 years developing wellness technologies, bioresonance therapy devices and health analysis devices worldwide. The company’s aim is to help people to take into control their health by preventing and treating different diseases.

We want to spread the idea of a healthy lifestyle, using safe alternative medicine technologies and being conscious of our body needs. 

This is the reason why we never stop and always work on the development of our instruments providing better quality and making this technology affordable for everyone. Production branches are already opened in Ukraine, Russia, and Slovakia. New branches are planned to be opened in the future with the market expansion (for example in the US).

More than 60 000 devices
have been sold in 37 countries
during the last 3 years

If you are looking for cooperation, please contact us. Create a new source of income. It’s possible to be healthy and successful at the same time with possibilities that Business Process Technologies can offer you.

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