Life Transfer homeopathic machine


Active reprinter «Life Transfer» with the operator’s protective block is a homeopathic medicine making machine that uses the technology of energy-information transfer or with other words copying of properties of homeopathic preparations to different carriers such as homeopathic grits, distilled water, etc.

Homeopathic healing machine can be used to treat many health issues by energy transfer.  We can use the energy and frequency of the body to treat it. We can even get rid of bad habits such as smoking. By simply transferring a cigarette frequency into homeopathic grits. A great alternative to pills is natural therapy using the latest technologiesLife Transfer reprinter device.

For more information please download the Guidelines.


Homeopathic machine set completeness:


«Life Transfer» homeopathic medicine making machine – 1 unit.

USB cable – 1 unit.

Cable for connecting to «Life Transfer» reprinter – 1 unit.

Packaging box – 1 unit.

Homeopathic machine construction

Structurally, the device is made in the form of a small-sized device in a rectangular housing, inside which electronic components, which allow to carry out energy-information transfer, are placed.

Power supply is provided from a computer through USB port.

The overall dimensions of the complex should not be more than: mm L x W x H: 205x140x75

Weight should be not more, kg: 0.6


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