Life Transfer homeopathic machine


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The device “Life Transfer” active reprinter for energy-informational transfer (rewriting) of medicinal properties of various preparations (homeopathic preparations, nosodes, organopreparations, toxins, etc.) from ampoules and homeopathic grains to various carriers. To use a selector with all the nosodes and electronic preparations you need to use the device together with Life Expert Profi Vega test device.



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Characteristics of the package Life Transfer:
Life Transfer reprinter device – 1 pcs.
USB cable – 1 pcs.
Cable for connecting to «Life Transfer» reprinter – 1 pcs.
Packaging box – 1 pcs.

Approximate weight of the packaging – 0,8 kg.
The weight of the device – 0,52 g.
Package dimensions – 32 х 17 х 8 см.
Device dimensions – 21 х 15 х 4 см.

The devices are developed by Lidomed Bio Research and Development Enterprise LLC, exclusively and by the order of Business Process Technologies company.

For more information about the devices, please click here.


There is no subscription for Life Transfer device.

To use a selector with all the nosodes and electronic preparations you need to use the device together with Life Expert Profi Vega test device

Life Expert Profi device has a subscription fee.

Life Expert Profi 

Since the WebWellness system is using artificial intelligence for analyzing test results and cloud software – the system has a 50 euros subscription monthly fee for using Life Expert Profi device. The price includes free software updates.

Every package includes a certain amount for WebWellness balance – from 50 euros up to 250 euros depending on the package you buy. It is all described in our store. 

Money is not automatically debited from your bank card. You need to purchase a top-up voucher. Once you finish the balance, you can top it up in our store or directly in the software using one of these recommended deals:

  • 50 euros per month 
  • 120 euros per 3 months (40 euros/month)
  • 365 euros per year (30 euros/month)

If you decide to use the device in Life Expert mode (which is also possible) the price is 0.5 cents per each test or created auto complex.

If there are no funds on the balance, and your monthly subscription has ended, you simply cannot do new tests and use the program until you replenish the balance. All your data will be securely stored until then.

Computer requirements

For the normal program operation the computer should have the below features:

  • Intel processor, 1.00GHz and more;
  • RAM min. 2Gb;
  • hard disk (min. 5Gb);
  • USB port
  • SVGA display, video adapter resolution 1280 х 1024 High Colour;
  • Windows 7 (64bit) or higher.

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