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Important and useful information about bioresonance technologies and the use of WebWellness devices.

Introduction to Bioresonance Technologies

Find out how bioresonance technologies work and how they can help to improve health and live longer.

Learn about bioresonance, its capabilities, effectiveness and indications for use.

How bioresonance testing works. Analysis of results and personalized therapy complexes.

What is bioresonance therapy. How does it affects our health. Medical research and experts’ opinions.

Watch testimonials by users of  WebWellness bioresonance products

Type of bioresonance devices. What what benefit will they bring to you and how to chose the device

What are the advantages and functions of WebWellness System? You can try it yourself downloading the demo of our software

Что такое биорезонанс. Как устроена биорезонансная диагностика и терапия. Отзывы пользователей и врачей.

Технологии WebWellness

Как работает искусственный интеллект WebWellness. Автоматические и индивидуальные комплексы терапии. Информация о подписке.

Ограничения и противопоказания

С какого возраста можно пользоваться приборами. Ограничения и противопоказания для детей и взрослых.


Поддержание здоровья и полный список заболеваний  в лечении которых помогут приборы WebWellness. 

Instructions WebWellness

All Yourlifexpert clients receive an author’s course on Bioresonance technologies and individual consultations.

An overview of the software and instructions for WebWellness users.

On this page, we describe in detail the additional cost of using WebWellness devices.

Step by step guide for using bioresonance scanning devices of the Life Expert series.

Step by step guide for using bioresonance therapy devices of the Life Balance series.

Skin care device user guide

Guide for using endogenous and exogenous bioresonance therapy devices of the Life Balance Contact series.

View and download manufacturer’s instructions for all WebWellness devices

Bioresonance therapeutic programs and complexes for solving various health issues.

Beginners guide. Step-by-step instructions for using WebWellness devices.

Watch educational webinars to learn more about bioresonance technology. 

Частые вопросы

Отвечаем на часто задаваемые вопросы пользователей WebWellness.

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Проблемы с приборами

Как исправить неполадки с приборами. Проблемы с анализом данных.

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Purchasing WebWellness devices​

All Yourlifexpert clients receive first-class support and the opportunity to participate in our bonus program or even become a partner.

What to do if you received a product of inadequate quality or a product that falls under the terms of warranty service.

We work with the company’s showrooms around the world, which allows us to quickly deliver devices to anywhere in the world with minimal shipping costs.

For Yourlifexpert customers , support is available at all stages of the purchase of WebWellness devices.

See how we can be useful to you if you have purchased devices through another representative.

Find out what bonuses and discounts you can get when buying WebWellness devices through our referral program.

We give you the opportunity to purchase our devices and develop your business with WebWellness technologies around the world.

In our Health blog, we write a lot of interesting and useful information about bioresonance technologies and answer frequently asked questions.

Покупка приборов

Закажите приборы с доставкой в любую точку мира и начните зарабатывать вместе с  Yourlifexpert.

Обучение и поддержка

Обучение пользованию приборами. Поддержка клиентов. Индивидуальные консультации с доктором.

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Покупка и доставка

Стоимость и условия доставки в разные страны. Посмотреть приборы вживую. Безопасность и варианты оплаты.

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Возврат и Гарантия

Стоимость и условия возврата. Гарантийное обслуживание приборов в вашей стране.

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Бонусы и скидки

Скидки постоянным клиентам. Бонусная программа. Реферальная программа WebWellness. 

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