Warranty service


If you have received a defective product or a product that falls under the terms of the warranty service (see below), please contact us at info@yourlifexpert.com .

Warranty Terms

  • The warranty period for the product is 24 months. The warranty period is calculated from the date of sale of the product to the Buyer.
  • If during the warranty period the product fails due to a manufacturing defect, the Manufacturer undertakes to repair the product at its own expense or, at its discretion, replace the defective product.
  • Warranty service is carried out only by the Manufacturer and (or) third parties authorized by the Manufacturer.
  • Products are accepted for repair in packaging that ensures safety during transportation and completed warranty documents.
  • The warranty status of the repair is determined by the service engineer after a complete diagnosis of the product.
  • The terms of the repair are determined by the availability of components in the warehouses – up to 14 working days if they are in stock and up to 2 months if they need to be specially ordered and delivered.
  • If it’s impossible to carry out repair or replacement, the non-working product is replaced within 2 months.
  • The warranty period is extended by the time the product is under repair.
  • Warranty obligations do not apply to consumables, accessories, batteries, connecting cables, adapters and replaceable elements that require periodic replacement during the operation of the product.
  • The following issues and claims are not subject to warranty obligations and are not accepted:
    • completeness of products (it must be checked upon purchase and receipt);
    • compatibility of the product with the equipment used by the Buyer.
  • The Seller is not liable for any possible damage caused to the Buyer’s equipment operating in conjunction with a faulty product and does not make any compensation payments to the Buyer for any possible indirect monetary losses caused by malfunctions of the product.
  • In case of a warranty repair, if there are no service locations in the city, the delivery charge to service is compensated by the Manufacturer to the client’s WebWellness account.  The Manufacturer also pays the return delivery expenses. In case of a non-warranty repair, the cost of delivery to the service and back is not compensated.

Non-warranty repairs

Non-warranty repairs are performed in the following cases:

  • the absence of a warranty card and documentation for the product;
  • violation of the rules of transportation, installation, connection and operation of the product;
  • device dekitting;
  • the presence of mechanical, electrothermal and chemical damages;
  • the presence of hard-to-remove extraneous stickers and severe pollution;
  • damage caused by the presence of foreign objects, insects, liquids or their traces on the surface or inside the component parts of the product;
  • modernization and repair of the product by persons not authorized by the Seller;
  • the presence of traces of self-opening of the device;
  • An expired warranty;
  • The device was purchased in a country other than the country of the Service Center. (If there is a showroom in the country, but the device has been purchased in a different country, such a case is considered a non-warranty case). 

More about the delivery terms and return policy of WebWellness devices

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