If you already have another distributor


Yourlifexpert.com is an official and independent distributor of Business Process Technologies. Free customer support is only available to customers who made a purchase with registration and payment through Yourlifexpert.com.

Questions about the use of devices

Please contact the distributor who sold the devices to you. We provide support exclusively to our clients.

What we can offer you is to visit our Learning Center with instructions, they will be very useful to you.

The second option – you can buy our exclusive training materials with a paid consultation from one of our managers.

Other questions???

  • My device is broken – please contact technical support of the company.
  • I can’t activate my WebWellness subscription- subscription activation instructions. Or you can purchase a WebWellness top-up in our store by specifying your username for activation first.
  • I want to buy more devices – contact your consultant on this issue. You can only contact us if your consultant is no longer with the company or you cannot find their contact details.

Learn more about the support we provide for our clients

For all buyers of goods on Yourlifexpert.com website, support is available at all stages of the purchase of WebWellness devices.

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