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what is bioresonance testing

Bioresonance testing is an effective diagnostic method in alternative medicine. It helps detect deviations in the work of your organs and systems, easily finds parasites and pathological microorganisms.

Bioresonance scanning devices measure the frequency and length of waves emitted by your organs and systems. Then these measurements are subsequently used to make the diagnoses and create treatment programs.

Bioresonance testing is one of the most informative and safe research methods widely used by medical professionals and patients around the world.

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What is bioresonance testing

Bioresonance testing is an effective method for complex evaluation of your body systems. The method of bioresonance testing helps to find deviations in the work of your organs and systems, easily detect parasites and  pathological microorganisms, and perform food intolerance testing.

For the diagnostics, we use the devices of vega testing machines, which measure the frequency and wavelengths emitted by organs and systems of our body. These instruments compare the measurements to reference values. Results are then used to make a diagnosis and create individual wellness programs, implemented with the use of bioresonance therapy machines.

Just one testing procedure will give you a complete information about the current state of your body. Weaknesses in functioning of your organs and systems will be revealed, allowing to define the risk of disease development.

Bioresonance testing allows detection of parasites, pathogenic bacteria and viruses living in the body. Bioresonance scan can identify the source of allergies, intolerance to various cosmetics or biological additives.

Bioresonance scanning reveals not only organic diseases accompanied by changes in the cellular structure of human organs, but also functional disorders. This category includes a wide range of psychosomatic diseases, which traditional medicine can hardly diagnose.

What is the basis of Bioresonance testing methodology?

Wavelengths emitted by each cell of our body are different. For each healthy organ, the wavelengths emitted by its cells will be different. When a disease or functional disorder develops, the length of electromagnetic waves will change.

Bioresonance scanning devices help to detect these disorders. They analyze the person’s electrical potential in biologically active points, which are projectively connected with all organs and systems of the body. Thus, bioresonance testing makes it possible to assess the condition of all the structures of our body in a comprehensive way.

To learn more about the phenomenon of bioresonance, please read the article “A complete guide to Bioresonance: what it can detect, dangers and side effects” on our website.

How the bioresonance testing procedure looks like?

Bioresonance computer diagnostics is performed with the use of compact, portable bioresonance testing machines connected to the body by electrodes. Due to their small size and simple interface, everyone can do the testing.

There are numerous bioresonance testing devices produced by different manufacturers in the market. They have different characteristics and functionality. Devices of WebWellness Life Expert series have proved to be ideal for the purpose.  Let’s take a closer look at the process of bioresonance testing on the example of Life Expert device.

What Bioresonance scanning devices do

Bioresonance scanning devices carry out a comprehensive examination of 47 organs and systems, assess their current condition and your body’s response to the negative impact of external and internal environment. The testing reveals weaknesses in your body’s functioning, as well as risks of disease development.

How does bioresonance body and hair testing work?

The testing procedure is completely painless. Three pairs of electrodes and a reader connected to a PC are used for the diagnosis. You can do the procedure yourself at home

The electrodes must be attached to your arms, legs and head according to the detailed instructions. The testing device measures the electrical potential in bioactive points and sends the information to a cloud system for analysis. Testing takes no more than 2 minutes.

what is bioresonance testing

How to use the obtained results

Once the bioresonance scanning to detect parasites, infections, and other diseases is over, the obtained data is processed by artificial intelligence. Based on reference data, the software will highlight the main risks for the proper functioning of your organs and systems. It assesses the autonomic regulation and the work of the central nervous system. It reveals your acid-base imbalance.

You will be able to see the results on your PC. The report will contain diagrams with explanations. Data about your health will be presented in a simple language. You do not need a medical background to analyze the report.

Based on results of the study, the testing device will create an individual wellness program. This complex will be downloaded into the Life Balance Bioresonance Therapy device and used for wellness courses.

bioresonance therapy

How to prepare yourself to bioresonance testing

Thoroughly clean the skin on your face, hands and feet before attaching the electrodes. All cosmetics, creams and applied serums must be removed. The skin must be clean and dry.

All accessories, things with metal rivets or jewelry must be taken off to get accurate results. Cell phones and other devices must be put aside.

No one should stand or sit next to you during the test. Make sure you are relaxed and calm before you start the testing program.


Life Expert Profi


Life Expert Profi is a bioresonance  vega testing machine, which uses an artificial Intelligence software to examine the body. It is equipped with a module for medical doctors, but it can also be used by users without medical education.

Bioresonance testing to detect parasites, infections and chronic diseases

Bioresonance testing can solve multiple tasks. Testing devices allow detection of diseases at very early stages – even before the appearance of pronounced symptoms. In most cases, changes can be seen only at the cellular level at early stages of the disease. They manifest themselves only by changes in the wavelengths emitted by cells. But even those minimal changes can be detected by the bioresonance scanning device.

Bioresonance scan can find abnormalities in all organs and systems. Scanning devices will show if there is a chronic focus of infection or any structural changes in your organs.

Bioresonance testing to detect parasites, bacteria and viruses also helps find pathogens present in the human body.

Bioresonance diagnostic health scan helps to detect functional disorders in your body, which are very often missed by traditional medicine. This category includes various functional irregularities in the work of your organs and systems which manifest themselves only by symptoms. In this case, all blood tests, ultrasound or X-ray test results will be within normal range.

Bioresonance testing reviews

People who have opted for bioresonance testing speak positively about the method. Users share their opinions online telling how the procedure helped identify their health problems that have been bothering them for a long time: chronic disorders, foci of infection or parasites.

Many of those who turned to this testing method for the first time testify that it was bioresonance that helped them identify diseases at an early stage. Chances of successful treatment always increase in case of timely diagnosis.

Numerous reviews of bioresonance scanning confirm that the procedure is painless, accurate and effective.

Contraindications to bioresonance testing

This method of testing is characterized by a high degree of safety, so it has a minimal number of absolute contraindications:

Use the testing devices with caution during pregnancy and lactation. Always consult your physician before testing.

bioresonance scanning device


Yourlifexpert Company is an expert in bioresonance diagnostics and an official representative of WebWellness brand, one of the leaders in bioresonance testing and therapy devices. Call or email us to learn more about bioresonance scanning, who it is good for, and what diseases it can detect.

We will be happy to describe the method’s potential and how bioresonance can help you and your family members stay healthy.

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