Bioresonance therapy: reviews and real stories of use.

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bioresonance therapy reviews

Bioresonance therapy and diagnostics are relatively new techniques, and information about them is not abundant yet. Lack of awareness of how they work and what their benefits are undermines the general public’s determination to start using these devices. In addition, many people want to see the actual bioresonance therapy reviews and real stories rather than generalized impersonated materials.

In this article, we will tell you about a personal experience with the devices. Please meet Karina, Head of sales and servicing of bioresonance therapy devices. She applies the technology on a daily basis herself and has helped thousands of clients fight diseases and improve their health.

биорезонанс отзывы

Karina, how did you get started with bioresonance?

I learned about bioresonance techniques when I was in high school. I was 14-15 years old then. My brother was diagnosed with bronchial asthma, which quickly progressed to severe attacks. Traditional remedies helped to relieve the symptoms for very short times, but the overall situation continued to worsen.

Our parents consulted multiple physicians in a desperate search for solution. Finally, a famous pediatrician told them about bioresonance and its capabilities. We were able to completely cure my little brother, and each family member got his own personal device.

That's interesting, tell us more about how exactly bioresonance helped with the bronchial asthma diagnosis? After all, you need a good reason to refuse from traditional ways of treatment and choose an alternative method...

We did have good reasons for that. My brother was always sick. Whenever he caught cold, it was followed by bronchitis with all the typical symptoms – cough, malaise and high fever. My parents couldn’t take him to the kindergarten. He used to get sick by the end of the first day. As time passed, the situation got worse and worse. He started having asthmatic attacks during his first year at school, literally gasping for air, and health experts couldn’t find the cause of that.

We saw the best medical doctors in this country. One of them suspected that parasites could be the reason. She advised us to try a vega test. We read bioresonance reviews and realized we had nothing to lose by trying. And besides, we got a chance to see our problems from a different angle. The tests confirmed our doctor’s guess and showed the presence of parasites – ascarids – in my brother’s lungs and liver, as well as bacteria – streptococci and staphylococci. Notably, traditional laboratory tests showed no infection at that time whatsoever. As we learned later, it was not always possible to detect parasites, but only at a certain stage of their development, when they laid eggs. It turned out that bioresonance diagnostics has an advantage in this respect. This type of testing is informative regardless of infestation stage.

The doctor who diagnosed my brother recommended bioresonance therapy for further treatment for parasites. My parents agreed, because tons of antibiotics my brother had already consumed by then were useless, and doctors had already advised that we start hormonal supporting therapy. For life!

маленький брат Карины
брат Карины

That’s when my mother started looking for bioresonance machines. She contacted the manufacturer directly and bought one. The results spoke for themselves. After the first session, parasites began to come out, and after a month my brother was completely well. Even the cat, who was sitting beside him during the session, got some bioresonance treatment. The cat’s health improved as well.

A little later we learned that bioresonance was effective not only for helminth infestation, but also for other diseases. It would have been a mistake to reject such a reliable remedy, because we saw the real results! It was much better than just to read a review about bioresonance therapy against parasites on the Internet. So every member of our family started to apply the devices, which have always been and still are very helpful today. I cannot imagine my life without this useful little gadget that helps me feel better.

What other problems has Bioresonance helped to solve in your family?

Actually there are a lot of such stories, since we’ve been using the device regularly for 15 years.

  • My father had severe herpes on his lips. The rashes appeared regularly and didn’t go away for a long time. He had herpes outbreaks all the time. With bioresonance he was able to reduce them first, and then after a while herpes stopped bothering him at all.
  • My mother managed to avoid a gynecological operation thanks to bioresonance. Her doctor was so impressed with the results that she now recommends bioresonance to her patients.
  • The device has also helped the elder generation of our family. My grandmother complained of varicose veins and frequent dizziness, which even made her faint. We managed to solve her vascular problems with the help of bioresonance therapy programs. Legs swelling and dizziness stopped forever.

Have you had any personal experience of using the devices? What is your personal opinion of bioresonance therapy?

Yes, I use bioresonance devices on a daily basis and can no longer imagine my life without them. When I was a baby I had a severe infection and received a killer dose of antibiotics. That killed the disease and my digestive system. It lead to numerous digestive, staph and strep problems for years to come. I use bioresonance to constantly diagnose my digestive system and give it a mini-treatment in case of any malfunction.

Bioresonance has repeatedly helped me deal with poisonings and strengthened my immune system for viral illnesses. It only took me 7 days to treat chicken pox, not two weeks.  I have only got aspirin in my first aid kit at home, other medicines are long ago forgotten.

Bioresonance helped me cope with warts on my fingers as well, that previously had to be cauterized. After bioresonance therapy I never saw those characters again.

How do you feel about alternative medicine in general?

No single method of treatment is a panacea. I think all of them are good in combination, and a reasonable approach is very important. You can’t ignore traditional medicine in an emergency. Sometimes drugs are really necessary, and bioresonance technology  speeds up the healing process. In addition, proper nutrition and physical activity play an important role.

Traditional medicine has its disadvantages. The main one is poor diagnostics. Often doctors don’t even try to understand the problem. They prescribe a standard list of drugs, which help most patients, but do not guarantee recovery. It turns out that they only treat symptoms, not the roots of the disease. Temporary improvement is followed by a repeated worsening of patient’s condition.

Alternative medicine in general and bioresonance in particular work differently. The latter focuses on either eliminating the causes of ailments, or on the prevention of diseases. The use of the devices in conjunction with sports and proper nutrition is what I call the real health care, it is the choice of responsible people. And I, as a biohacker, enjoy using these instruments.

Many people doubt the technique’s effectiveness because the evidence base is small. I agree that there’s not much research done on bioresonance technologies, but that is not a reason to turn down the opportunity to restore your health. As a proof of effectiveness, I always present bioresonance therapy reviews from my relatives and satisfied clients, and share personal stories of using it. During four years of work, we had no single case of return, which is an important indicator of the technique’s effectiveness.

You mentioned biohacking. Tell us more about it.

Yes, I can safely call myself a biohacker. These are people who are familiar with all the new technologies to keep up their health. They use a lot of devices. They have radiation reduction devices, water and food purification devices, air ionizers, bioresonance therapy machines and bioresonance vega testing machines. It is very important now due to the deteriorating environmental situation. I fully share biohacking ideas and try to take good care of my health.

How did using bioresonance become a business?

My family and I wanted to tell as many people as possible about such a wonderful way of treatment and health promotion as bioresonance. That’s how the family business was born. Eventually I became a partner of Business Process Technologies  and created website, so that people all over the world could buy the device for diagnostics and therapy.

In the course of my work, I provide training and counsel my clients on bioresonance diagnostics and therapies for various diseases. I have a medical doctor on my team to help handle each case. Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of people from all over the world and have seen the results and extremely positive feedback from people of all ages and nationalities.  Many clients come back and purchase the devices for their whole families, share their bioresonance therapy reviews, and recommend the website to friends and relatives.

маленькая Карина - 2
Little Karina
Семейный бизнес webwellness
Family Business with Business Process Technologies

Is Bioresonance suitable for people without medical training?

Many people are used to trusting their health to medical doctors. This approach cannot be called erroneous. Indeed, in urgent situations you need help from qualified specialists. But it doesn’t mean that alternative technologies should be forgotten.

WebWellness is designed specifically for people without a medical background. The mission of the manufacturing company is to make bioresonance available to anyone. The devices are easy to operate and do not require any specific expertise. For example, to make a diagnosis on a Life Expert Profi, you just need to connect peg electrodes and enter your data into the program. Interpreting the results is also easy. For treatment, Life Balance are used, which contain automatic complexes as part of their software. These complexes are compiled by the program with the help of artificial intelligence and a statistical database. We have developed instructions and free webinars to help our clients learn how to use these devices. And of course, personal consultations by equipment specialists and medical doctors are also available.

For those who are always busy, how long does bioresonance therapy take?

You can face problems using bioresonance technologies only at the very early stages, while getting acquainted with the new equipment. After just one month your actions will become automatic. It is not difficult to integrate bioresonance into your life, even if your schedule is tight.

Diagnostics takes only 1.5 minutes. It is enough to do the testing 1-2 times a week. Therapy takes a bit longer. A session can last from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours, depending on your body condition. But during that time you can do your usual staff, just putting the device in the pocket or hanging it around your neck like a phone. The device is compact and lightweight. There are no contraindications for bioresonance, so you can do it as frequently as you want and at any time of the day.

I test my body every three days and run the automatic complex. Even if no serious problems are detected I do not drop the treatment. In this case I use blood circulation improvement or immune system maintenance programs.

биорезонансная терапия от паразитов отзывы
Bioresonance therapy device - Life Balance

According to you, these devices can help cope with causes of so many diseases. What is the potential of bioresonance therapy?

That’s right, there are so many diseases, but reasons for many are just the same, it is the consequences that effect different organs of the body. Take stress, for example.

Removal of toxins and elimination of parasites are not the only capabilities of our devices. They allow us to work with the nervous system. They have programs for:

  • reducing stress;
  • body relaxation;
  • normalization of sleep.

I personally use such programs after an active day, when it’s difficult to get to sleep due to your emotional level. I even did some experimenting myself and found out that it takes 15 minutes to fall asleep with the device even when you are over-tired, while it took me 1-2 hours to do it on my own.

Bioresonance can help with your digestion. The devices have programs adjusting the work of each part of gastrointestinal tract. It is important to take an integrated approach, though. You cannot rely on technologies and continue eating wrong foods. But in combination with a diet and probiotic course prescribed by a doctor, you can achieve good results.

Another useful feature for your gastrointestinal recovery is pre-detoxification. The program can be set up and run before you go to a party. Then you will feel fine the next day, in spite of overeating and drinking.

There are many questions related to how safe bioresonance is…

Our devices affect body functioning, so safety aspect is quite relevant. As an experienced user, I can assert that there is no reason to worry. Firstly, electrical impulses are normal for our body. All our senses work through them. Secondly, the frequencies emitted by these devices tune up the body to harmonic vibrations, which are specific for each organ. The devices do not change or reprogram the human system. They only take our bodies back to the usual rhythm compromised under the influence of unfavorable factors.

You are constantly following new technologies in the field of bioresonance. What does the future hold for bioresonance?

Bioresonance technology is not only used to maintain our health, but also to keep us beautiful and handsome. Very soon our customers will have the opportunity to try the new Life Beauty device, which is designed to increase the effectiveness of cosmetic products. Vibrations allow active ingredients from the cosmetics to penetrate into deeper layers of skin. The device can be used to run various programs, including lifting and acne treatment. I am really looking forward to such device myself and will definitely use it.

Bioresonance as a field of alternative medicine is constantly evolving. There are plans to release an updated version of Bioresonance Therapy device. It will take into account all the feedback from our customers in terms of design and functionality. A contact therapy device will also be manufactured. It will not be portable, will require a wired connection, but it will bring much faster results. In addition, the software itself is being constantly updated, new functions added, and the database of clinically examined patients is also expanding, allowing to issue updated performance reports.

Our development can also be traced via the history and appearance of the devices. The first were big and heavy. They had no artificial intelligence and no built-in databases. They were unable to run automatic complexes. Modern bioresonance therapy devices are compact. They are convenient to use while walking or on a trip. They take little space and do everything for you. The user only needs to connect the electrodes and start the program at a push of a button.

Bioresonance therapy device Life Balance 2.0
Life Beauty - аппарат для фотоомоложения лица
Skincare device Life Beauty

In conclusion let me say that I no longer imagine my life without Life Balance and Life Expert Profi. They helped me and my loved ones so many times, and I do sincerely recommend them to clients.

If you have any questions about bioresonance therapy or diagnostics, I would be happy to answer them in the comments section.

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