Life Expert: user guide

Useful information for the users of the bioresonance scanning devices Life Expert and Life Expert Profi.

Getting Started with Life Expert

For those who have just received Life Expert and Life Expert Profi devices and have doubts about how to use them, we have prepared step-by-step instructions.

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Let’s analyze the differences between  Life Expert and Life Expert Profi devices and modes.

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For those who want to know how to carry out a test  properly using  Life Expert and Life Expert Profi devices, we have prepared a special article with step-by-step instructions and a video guide.

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We review how to read and how to analize the results of the test made with  Life Expert and Life Expert Profi in the article “Bioresonance test data analysing”.

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For a better understanding of the operation of devices, let’s draw an analogy with a tonometer.  When we measure the pressure at rest, it shows 120\80 mm Hg.  And when after a run we measure the pressure, it will be higher.  But this does not mean that this person is sick with something.  If a person has 36.6 °C / 98.6 °F , then this does not mean that he is absolutely healthy.

The detection of high blood pressure with a tonometer does not give us the right to make a diagnosis.  We can only make assumptions on why it rose.  This disorder can have many causes. Rapid testing on electro skin resistance of biologically active points is 47 tonometers, each of which measures its own organ.

At the same time, during the day, when conditions change, the picture may change. In the same way, indicators change during BRT scanning when the conditions for the functioning of the body change.  This confirms that the technique works.  Indicators may fluctuate during the day, this is considered normal

How to create an individual complex (Autocomplex) based on the test results and download it to the Life Balance device, we tell in the article “How to compile and download an automatic complex”.

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When using Life Expert series  devices, you additionally pay for each test and compilation of automatic complexes in the WebWellness software. You can learn more about the cost of the WebWellness program, subscription and payment options on the page “WebWellness Subscription”

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Using Life Expert devices

How to turn on the device correctly, connect the electrodes (components) and conduct a rapid test, we explain in the article “Carrying out a test”.

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Based on the test results, the WebWellness system generates a detailed report on how your weight affects your organs and systems. Read about this feature in the article “Body Mass Index”

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