Life Balance: user guide

Important and useful information about using the devices of the Life Balance series from WebWellness.

To start with

When buying Life Balance 2.1 you have voucher valued at 100 euros inside the box to upgrade it to 600 preloaded programs.

How to activate the voucher.

Working with programs

Answer: Find out more about the programs and therapeutic programs in the article “Therapeutic programs WebWellness”.

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Answer: We talk in detail about individual automatic complexes in the article “How to compile and download an automatic complex”.

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Answer: We speak in detail about how to choose a therapeutic complex/protocol in the article “How to select and download ready-made programs”

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Answer: The duration depends on the programs you choose. From 3 minutes to 2 hours.

Answer: If the program you need is not available in the device, you can download it from the WebWellness database (programmer), which contains more than 3000 ready-made programs and complexes.

And also you can create an individual autocomplex based on the results of bioresonance testing using the Life Expert Profi device. Find out how to do it in our article “Therapeutic Programs WebWellness”

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There are 2 ways to set automatic playback of programs one after another.

  • For programs that are already on your Life Balance 2.1 device.

You can create a playlist in the WebWellness app on your smartphone. To do this, in the application you need to: select Life Balance 2.1 → enter playlists → create a playlist → name it → enter the playlist and add programs by number or name.

  • If the desired programs are not in the device.

In this case, you can make a complex of several programs through the programmer. Then all programs of the complex will be automatically played one after another.

Using the device

Devices of the Life Balance series can be used every day. Bioresonance therapy has no side effects when used correctly.

What does it mean? Do not try to mindlessly and randomly “kill parasites”, everyday new parasites and different programs. There is a special scheme, when it comes to eliminating parasites, which we talk about in a training for customers of our online store.

Doctors recommend using devices with breaks so as not to overload the body. The recommended break between complexes is 2 hours. Also, breaks are set depending on the specifics of the problem being solved, the duration of the complexes, the state of health of the body and the treatment program, if the protocol is created by a doctor.

When using antiparasitic and detox programs, symptoms of intoxication such as dizziness, nausea, and weakness may occur. If you feel unwell, take a break. Such disorders are rare and usually occur when not enough water is consumed or if you set the intensity level of the device too high.

Drinking regimen is extremely important when using detox programs and antiparasitic programs, as water is necessary for a calm and organic removal of toxins from the body. Recommended daily dose of water: 30 ml / 1 kg of body weight.

In cases of infection or acute inflammation – we use the device 24/7. Since our goal is to help the body cope with the inflammatory process as soon as possible.

In the evenings, if there is no situation of acute inflammation or infection, we recommend using the device only with relaxing therapeutic programs.

Bluetooth — is a high-frequency radiation, which, according to official data, does not pose a direct threat to human health.  The Bluetooth standard is approved worldwide and its emissivity is within the acceptable range.

Bluetooth is turned on and is waiting for commands after connecting to the WebWellness app. From a practical point of view – a microwave oven or mobile communication has a much more significant effect on the body than Bluetooth.

Bluetooth is used to transmit data and voice. The amount of data transmitted via Bluetooth is thousands of times smaller than the information that you transmit and receive daily via 4G or WiFi.

If you use the device for a long time and want to protect yourself or your child, just close the WebWellness app on your smartphone and turn it on as needed. The programs will run on your Life Balance device.

The device can be used in two modes:

  1. Offline without internet, if you already know the program number and turn it on without using the WebWellness application.
  2. Online, if you need the WebWellness application to select programs, or change some settings.  The Life Balance device connects to the smartphone app via Bluetooth, but you will need an internet connection to use the smartphone app.

You do not need to pay when using ready-made therapeutic programs.

However, the WebWellness system contains a library of paid complexes that can be purchased additionally. Find out more on the page “WebWellness Subscription

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To change most of the device settings, downloading the programs to the device via the cloud and playing a playlist – you need a smartphone.

If you just want to turn on an already loaded program / complex or change the power on the device, you can do this using the buttons on the device.  To do this, you need to know the number of the program you want to play, because the device does not have a proper screen. You can only enter the program number.

Smartphones based on Google Android and Apple IOS operating systems.

Yes, but only harmonizing programs can be used at night, these are programs that help us to relax the body and mind and prepare it for sleep.  There are special modes for deep sleep, treatment of insomnia and stress relief.

Do not use at night  therapeutic programs aimed at improving the functioning of organs and systems without any reason. Let your body relax during the night, without any sort of stimulation. 

Antiparasitic programs and detoxification programs are recommended to be set before 19:00.  An exception is  a situation of acute inflammatory process and infection. In this case we use the device 24/7 for a speedy recovery.

An example of a correct complex (set of programs) for the night: 

  • 09 antistress (sleep disorder)
  • Stress
  • Fear
  • fear state
  • Fear neurosis
  • back fatigue
  • Nerves
  • Nerve structure, strengthening
  • Regulation of the female or male genitourinary system
  • Stress
  • Regulation of the endocrine system
  • Regulation of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Deep cleansing of the body.

You can find all programs in the programmer.  You will need to compose a therapeutic complex and record it in the Life Balance device.  And use it in the evenings before bed or even during sleep.

Other questions

  1. Are you using auto complexes correctly?  It is recommended to renew them every 3 days and use them every day.
  2. As a rule, one month is not enough to get a good effect. During the first month you use auto complexes to detoxify the body.  This is only the first stage. Please note that many diseases are formed over the years and may bother you for 2, 5, 10 years.  Accordingly, the treatment will also take a longer time. Continue to use the devices regularly to achieve the effect and to recover.
  3. To achieve the best effect, auto-complexes are recommended to be used together with psychosomatic programs, as well as to carry out complex therapy according to the system of Gentle Introduction of Bioresonance into your Life.
  4. To learn more about our technologies and how to use them wisely, you can use our training materials, as well as visit our webinars, which we regularly host for our customers, where we cover the topics of using Webwellness devices.
  5. If you have a serious illness, we recommend that you take a paid consultation with our doctor with the preparation of an individual treatment protocol with the Life Balance device.
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