Programs selection and download


How to select ready-made therapeutic programs

There are several ways to choose a ready-made program from the WebWellness cloud library. Start exploring this topic by reading the instructions attached to the devices.

  1. Read recommendations for the usage of programs by the manufacturer. Just find the problem you are interested in and read recommendations for choosing programs.
recomendations for the usage of programs

2. Use the Programmer for selecting programs. The Programmer is a useful tool that helps to find suitable programs in the WebWellness cloud library and create a therapy complex out of them.


3. Visit the section “Custom complexes” in the WebWellness software and choose one of the complexes compiled by our doctors (some complexes are free, but most have a cost set up by the doctor who compiled the program).

custom complexes

4. All of our customers will receive a gift access to a free training on using WebWellness devices. In this training, you can find a video lesson where we talk in detail about programs selection.

5. If you have a serious problem and want to be consulted by a doctor, contact us and we will connect you to a certified naturopathic doctor. The doctor will study your problem, create a personalized therapy complex and follow you along with the treatment. Please note,  this is a paid service.

Thus, the choice of ready-made programs by WebWellness is carried out independently based on symptoms, or with the help of a doctor.

You can also create a personalized automatic complex (Autocomplex) based on the results of a rapid health testing.

How to download a ready-made program?

Step-by-step instructions on how to download a ready-made program to Life Balance device.

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