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In this article, we give an overview of all the therapeutic programs and complexes available to WebWellness users. Programs and complexes can be downloaded and installed into Life Balance and Life Beauty devices for at-home use.

Complexes and programs. What is the difference?

The program is one program that aims to correct a narrow health problem. Programs usually have the name of an organ, a symptom, a parasite, and so on. Each program includes a specific set of frequencies – therapeutic or antiparasitic. In one program, there cannot be 2 types of frequencies at the same time.

The complex is aimed at solving a problem that may contain a whole list of causes, for example, in acute or chronic diseases caused by a disorder of several organs and systems. In this case, one program will not be enough and a whole complex of 3-10 programs will be needed. Complexes allow you to influence the problem more effectively and get results faster.

WebWellness complexes

In the WebWellness system, you can find over 3,000 ready-made therapeutic complexes and programs, as well as create individual automatic complexes based on the results of bioresonance testing with Life Expert series devices.

Ready-made therapeutic complexes

WebWellness system contains a whole library of ready-made therapeutic programs and bioresonance therapy complexes.

  • 70 programs are already preloaded into the Life Balance 1.0 device.
  • 600 programs are preloaded into Life Balance 2.1
  • 3000 complexes and programs are available for download in the WebWellness software on your computer.
  • 5 cosmetology programs have already been loaded into the Life Beauty device and about 100 programs are available for download in the WebWellness software on your computer.

For pre-loading into devices, the manufacturer has collected the most popular and frequently used programs, which cannot be deleted, they will be available to you at any time, immediately upon connecting the device. Preloaded complexes are available for free.

If your device does not have the desired program, do not worry. All programs cannot be downloaded to one device at a time, so we store them in the WebWellness cloud. Most of the 3000 ready-made programs and complexes can be downloaded for free. But there are also paid programs worth 0.5 €.. 

View the list of WebWellness programs and complexes loaded into Life Balance 2.1

You can download any of the ready-made programs to your Life Balance device from the WebWellness cloud. We describe how to do this in the article “Programs selection and download”.

If you have any difficulties with downloading the programs in the software, use the programmer. Learn more about this feature in the article “How to use the programmer” on our website.

Automatic therapeutic complexes

WebWellness allows you to create personalised therapy complexes based on the vega testing results. We also call them Auto complexes.

Auto complexes are more effective, as they allow you to eliminate the causes of diseases in a complex way. You don’t need to be a doctor to compose complexes, WebWellness software will do it for you. 

WebWellness artificial intelligence analyzes vega testing results and identifies key issues. Based on that, the software builds a personalised therapeutic complex that will eliminate the causes of the disease. 

Auto complexes creation is included in the WebWellness subscription.

How to create and upload an Auto complex to the Life Balance device

Types of Auto complexes

  • Complex on psychosomatics
  • Complex for correction of body mass index
  • Auto complexes based on vega test results
  • Automatic selection of BRT therapy for the device Life Expert Profi

We talk about the choice of therapeutic complexes and the frequency of their use at the webinar “Gentle introduction of bioresonance into your life

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