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How to prepare yourself for the test with Life Expert Profi device?

Do you want to get the most out of Life Expert Profi diagnostic machine? Here are some tips you didn’t know about test preparations:

  • The best location of the patient is in front of the person who carries out the measurement. No one should sit or stand nearby the patient.
  • Register a patient. Age and sex are the most important details for the measurement because the norm corridors of the segments may vary for different ages and sexes.
  • When we register a patient – there is a place for notes where we can write down all the complaints and observations. It is recommended to ask your patient about his/her health problems before running a test.
  • If the person is missing an organ because of the surgery the segment will not disappear. We will see it in the diagram. Our organs are surrounded by muscles, blood vessels, hormones, spine discs, etc. The organ is missing but a segment no. It means that if it is green – the organ was eliminated but everything is alright in this zone. Blue or red – tell us about hypo- or hyper- function of the segment.
  • Connect a patient – the electrodes shouldn’t cross.
  • The forehead, hands, and feet of the patient should be clean, remove excess sweat, makeup, cream. You can clean it using the solution of 50% water + 50% medical alcohol for oily skin and 50% water + 50% hydrogen peroxide for dry skin.
  • It is recommended to put a towel or a small carpet on the floor.
  •  Clean the electrodes well with a cleaning agent, preferably with a soap solution or an antiseptic. Wash the electrodes after each person. Otherwise, the information of a previous patient may be presented in your new test. The electrodes should be slightly wet afterward – for a better connection.
  • Do not take measurements if the surface of the skin on which the electrodes are applied is
    irritated (ulcers, open wounds, etc.).
  • The table where you place Life Expert Profi device should be made of wood or plastic. If it is made of metal or glass please cover it with a tablecloth.
  • Before testing, it is necessary to remove all jewelry, metal objects and remove the mobile phone.
  • Ask a patient to close the eyes and to relax. It is very important. If he does not close the
    eyes you will measure his reaction to the outside factors, what he sees instead of his real results.
  • Go to Rapid test and do the measurement, send it for processing once done.
  • If you do not want to do matching preparations or matching food go to the analysis section to read the report.
  • If you want to do matching preparations, do not disconnect a patient and go directly to the matching preparations section.

If you carry out a test via Life Expert Profi mode, please watch a webinar about Life Expert Profi segmentary diagnostic.


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