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WebWellness system – life extension technologies

The WebWellness system is a unique combination of the software, database, and user system.  It was created as a life extension technologies tool that connects all our devices one with another.

Every client will have access to his personal WebWellness account. Moreover, you can use it to top up the balance of the account in case if you need to purchase more tests or prepaid complexes for the devices.

  • WebWellness as a software:

Through a unique WebWellness software, the system uses the Life Expert Profi and Life Expert diagnostic devices to test resistance at biologically active points. This process is very easy. Works on both Windows and Makintosh ( MacBook). Watch this video to see how simple and easy is the software:

  • WebWellness as a database:

WebWellness features a database of over 42 000 clinically approved treatment protocols based on patients’ test measurements for their illnesses.

A second database contains the causative agents (bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi) with a total of 785,000 related therapeutic and harmonizing frequencies.

When doing a test, the system after going through 42 000 measurements and finding the indicators that match with yours, the program looks at the clinical diagnoses, finds the pathogens, and collects a set of frequencies, which you download to your Life Balance treatment device.

These life extension technologies WebWellness system exceeds the diagnostic ability of conventional medicine because utilizes all the known electromagnetic frequencies for a huge number of pathogens.

  • WebWellness as a programmer for Life Balance and Life Animal:

This is an application that contains a database of around 3000 programs of frequencies that can be used for Life Balance, Life Balance 2.0, and Life Animal devices. 

Antiparasitic programs – The frequencies discovered by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife.

Therapeutic programs – The frequencies discovered by Dr. Reinhard Voll.

Veterinary programs – Specially chosen frequencies for animals.

Paid complexes  – A set of programs for different health issues. Created by the manufacturer because fast and impressive results were achieved with its help. These complexes are telling you how many days and how long to use them (the price is 0,50€ – paid through the WebWellness platform balance). Once purchased are for always registered with the username. 

Automatic complexes – Due to the test results the complex is created by the WebWellness software server/database which you can download into Life Balance device.

Combining the programs one with another you can create a complex depending on the health issue you have using WebWellness system and our life extension technologies devices such as Life Balance, Life Expert (Profi), Life Animal.

  • As a mobile phone app for Life Balance 2.0

New Life Balance 2.0 works on the basis of a mobile phone app WebWellness and can be totally manipulated from the app. All the preloaded complexes, manual complex creation, automatic complexes, etc. Compatible with iPhone and Android.

WebWellness mobile phone app
WebWellness mobile phone app

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