WebWellness features overview


By choosing WebWellness, you get not just bioresonance therapy devices, but also advanced software with artificial intelligence, which is able to assess your health status based on 35,000 indicators and contains more than 3,000 therapeutic complexes and programs.

The WebWellness system has no analogs in the market for BRT devices.

What is WebWellness?

WebWellness is the only system in the world that combines bioresonance and artificial intelligence so deeply. It is thanks to the software that we have managed to make the devices so portable and modern, easy and convenient to use. Now you do not need to have bulky devices and depend on doctors.

WebWellness is your home clinic, where the software processes your body test results in just a few seconds and produces a detailed visual health report that includes understandable explanations. See an example of a report here.

WebWellness is a cloud program. Your data is stored on a cloud server, where it is securely protected. You can enter the program from any device on which the WebWellness software is installed using your username and password. Therefore, if your device breaks, the data will still be safe. 

What can you do with WebWellness software?

  • Conduct express testing of 47 organs and systems to understand what is happening with your body and why.
  • Select beneficial dietary supplements, cosmetics and food.
  • Control your weight and its impact on your body.
  • Apply BRT contact therapy along the meridians of Chinese medicine.
  • Select and download bioresonance therapy complexes  for the Life Balance device from the WebWellness library, which contains more than 3,000 ready-made programs.
  • Create an automatic therapy complex for the Life Balance device based on the results of express testing on the Life Expert Profi device.
  • Create and record an individual therapeutic complex on the Life Beauty device.
  • Track the effectiveness of treatment through regular home testing.
  • Track deviations in organ and systems functioning and correct health at an early stage of disease.

WebWellness features overview:

  • Inflammation;
  • Chronic processes in organs and systems;
  • PH level;
  • Stress level;
  • You will be able to see what processes are taking place in the body – inflammatory and acute processes, the normal state of organs or chronic processes;

It allows you to find a connection between the emotional-characteristic personality type of the person being tested, using the ancient system of knowledge about energy centers (chakras).

You will be able to determine the disorders of which organs are associated with rashes, inflammation, pain, sensitivity (hyperesthesia) and dermatological skin diseases.

  • If you have a pinched spinal disc, you will find out what problems this can lead to;
  • Projection of the state of organs on the spine.

On the basis of statistical data from clinical studies the WebWellness system shows the probable affections with toxins of various parasites, their probability and target organs (organs that can be affected). Also, the expected changes in organs and systems are described below.

This panel shows the real age, the biological age, the difference between biological and real age, as well as the coefficient of ageing

  • The level of absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body;
  • Vitamin and minerals deficiency and what problems it can lead to;
  • Daily dose of each missing vitamin and mineral.
  • What foods, gases and volatile substances do you have an allergic reaction to;
  • The body’s propensity for allergies, as well as products that can accumulate in the body in the form of endotoxins, when consumed in excess with food, during the digestion process, when taken with inhaled air, or through the skin when in contact with this substance.
  • What toxins are your body exposed to?
  • List of substances of probable toxic load, including heavy metals.

Replaceable and irreplaceable amino acids – indicates insufficient absorption, intake and distribution of amino acids in the organs and systems of the body.

Designed to correct eating habits and normalise the functioning of the digestive tract in particular and the body in general.

About 60-70% of the human body is made up of water. That is why it is very important to monitor the level of water balance. Only then the body will be able to function normally, and we will be able to avoid malaise and the risk of many disorders in the functioning of key organs and systems.

  • How thoughts, emotions and attitudes affect your health.
  • To assess the state of psychosomatic disorders, the frequencies of FLOWER PLEX preparations were taken as a basis.
  • Automatically creates therapy complex to work on the emotional state and to recover the organs and systems from the damage.

Shows the body’s susceptibility to bioresonance exposure (BRT). 

  • A diet selected based on current information on the state of the body. This takes into account the generally accepted diet for your zodiac sign;
  • Fitness diet. Nutrition advice for gaining or losing weight.
  • You can choose exactly those dietary supplements that will benefit your body and improve your health. Thanks to this information, you will stop spending extra money on expensive dietary supplements that do not bring you the desired effect.
  • You will learn how your dietary supplements and cosmetics affect your body and each individual organ.
  • Selection of drinks, spices, your favorite sweets, etc.

You will learn which foods your body can easily absorb and digest, and which not. By eliminating such foods from your diet, you can improve the functioning of your gastrointestinal tract. This section contains three lists of products:

  • Positive impact products;
  • Neutral products;
  • Negative impact products.

BRT meridian therapy restores energy and returns organs to a healthy physiological state.

Is something bothering you? Using the programmer, you can choose programs to restore your health from the library of WebWellness therapeutic complexes. The library contains more than 3000 bioresonance therapy complexes for the Life Balance device.

Learn more about WebWellness

For detailed study, you can check the demo version of the WebWellness program.

Or watch a short video reviewing the WebWellness demo.

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