Life Balance Contact



Bioresonance therapy device that does both endogenous and exogenous therapy. It has a therapeutic and healing effect. Contains 7 preloaded programs and over 5000 in the software for solving health problems. Effective in the treatment of parasites and pathogens. Harmonises the work of organs and systems.

In comparison with Life Balance 2.1, Life Balance Contact is stronge due to the direct contact with skin through the electrodes. It is used only with special electrodes (bracelets). We recommend its use not as a preventive medicine tool but for the therapeutic effect. Specially effective to eliminate parasites using Hilda Clark program and other available programs.



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Characteristics of the package Life Balance Contact
1. Life Balance natural biosystems adjusting device – 1 pcs.
2. Power supply unit – 1 pcs.
3. USB cable for charging and for bracelets- 2 pcs.
4. Bracelets for the therapy  – 2 pcs.
5. Device package – 1 pcs.
6. Warranty Certificate – 1 pcs.

Approximate weight of the packaging – 900 g.
The weight of the device – 180 g.
Package dimensions – 22 x 10 x 12 cm
Device dimensions – 15 x 1 x 7 cm

The devices are developed by Lidomed Bio Research and Development Enterprise LLC, exclusively and by the order of Business Process Technologies company.

More information about the device and its possibilities can be found in our Learning Center. 

Specifications and programs descriptions


Signal generator 1 – up to 27 MHz

Signal generator 2 – up to 10 kHz

The device has seven universal basic programs and one programmable program.

For best efficiency, each basic program is performed in two steps.

The first stage. An endogenous effect is produced. The device uses electrodes to read vibrations that occur in the body. Next, the signal is filtered, processed, and inverted. The processed vibrations are returned to the person. In the course of this action, a closed loop of adaptive control is formed. With each subsequent return of vibrations to the human body, there is a weakening or complete suppression of pathological frequencies, and a gradual restoration of homeostasis (dynamic balance in the body). The parameters of electromagnetic exposure are determined by the state of the person, which makes them as individualized as possible, and this method is the most optimal for improving the general condition.

The second stage. The device switches to the exogenous exposure mode and then the device runs one of the selected programs:

  1. Universal program by Hilda Clark
  2. Antifungal program
  3. Protozoa suppression
  4. Antivirus program
  5. Antibacterial program
  6. Anthelmintic program
  7. Detoxification program
  8. Auto-complex/manually compiled complex on the basis of over 3000 therapeutic programs contained in the Webwellness database.

Computer requirements

For the normal program operation the computer should have the below features:

  • Intel processor, 1.00GHz and more;
  • RAM min. 2Gb;
  • hard disk (min. 5Gb);
  • USB port
  • SVGA display, video adapter resolution 1280 х 1024 High Colour;
  • Windows 7 (64bit) or higher.

Shipping terms

Delivery and return

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