Bioresonance Watch: Life Watch

The most advanced wearable technology in the world. Unlike existing today smartwatches and bracelets, Life Watch is not restricted to only tracking physical parameters.

The system of the watch is connected via the special phone application to the WebWellness cloud, where information about your health is accumulated. This information is gathered not only from the Life Watch device but also from Life Expert testing natural biosystems device.

This Bioresonance Watch is based on a large amount of data when the appearance of the minimum deviations from the norm, a harmonizing program is being formed and via the application for the phone is transmitted to your Bioresonance Watch.

Life Watch has a simple design, widest functionality and a small size (lenght: 4,7 cm; width: 4,2 cm; height: 1,5 cm).

The watch can help you to track your health parameters and even to improve them. Let’s see how.

The Bioresonance Watch helps you to measure:

  • pulse rate control
  • body fatigue control
  • blood oxygen level
  • emotional condition
  • sleep quality control
  • calorie burning control
  • step count
  • heartbeat control
  • life energy control

Life Watch device also:

  • can ask you to move if you have spent to much time sitting at the computer using its motion timer
  • tracks your sleep phases and waking you up at the end of vegetative sleep – so you can sleep better and improve this parameter.
  • has an SOS button allowing your parents or kids to dial your number or to send you GPS coordinates in case of emergency
  • will give you a signal once you move far away from your phone and will help you to find your phone by dialing your phone number

Improve your health now!

Apart from these characteristics Life Watch also has:

  • GPS
  • audio player
  • browser
  • weather forecast
  • pictures gallery
  • camera
  • voice recorder
  • calculator
  • phone
  • creative design of a time display

Do you have questions?

Do not doubt. Call us or write us and our professional support will help you out.

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