How to stop getting sick?

This question is very popular and asked by many people around the world. Environmental pollution, poor quality of food and constant stress do their job – and permanent diseases become a problem for many of us. How to stop getting sick and start living a full, bright and healthy life?

You need to work on it integrated: combine the basic rules of a healthy lifestyle with positive thinking and bioresonance devices Life Balance, Life Expert Profi. 

The rules of being healthy:


Drink more water

Clean drinking removes accumulated toxins and waste products from the body. Moreover, if you don’t drink enough water, the mucous membranes get dry, stop performing their protective function well and letting the pathogenic microflora into the body.

Keep a healthy diet

The use of a large number of simple carbohydrates, fatty and refined foods, carcinogens is harmful to the organism. A balanced diet with a sufficient number of proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals is important for well-being. Add more fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs to your body.

Monitor the level of iron in the body. If you quickly get tired and easily catch a cold, you may not have enough iron in your organism. Add more beans, nuts, sea kale, sesame seeds and dried fruits to your diet.


Do not abuse sweet, fresh pastries; try to get rid of harmful eating habits: fast food, sweet sparkling water, alcohol, chips, etc.

Remember that sea fish, avocado, broccoli, red apples make a positive influence on the health of blood vessels. To help the body to resist a cold, you can, using citrus, dog rose, radish, colored vegetables. Blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, contain a large number of anthocyanin, which strengthens the immune system.

Go in for sports

Any kind of regular physical activity – aerobics, swimming, running, skiing or just walking at a good pace – can strengthen the body’s resistance. Activation of blood circulation, temporary rise in body temperature and rapid breathing are strengthening immunity, improving metabolism.

Positive thinking

It’s not a secret for anyone that a person’s life is largely determined by the direction of his thoughts, and the physical state depends on the state of the psyche. According to some reports, people are facing self-induced diseases for almost half of all the diseases that they have. The fear of illness in a person is so strong that he does not stop thinking about it, modeling negative situations. As a result, he falls sick. Isn’t it better to model the details of the situation in which you are healthy and happy.

Avoid stress

It is proved that people who are under stress usually get sick. And if the flue usually lasts for a week and can pass even without treatment, then in a state of nervous tension, an independent recovery may not occur or be significantly delayed. In addition, stress becomes a frequent cause of diseases of the cardiovascular system, the organs of the digestive tract. Let me remind you that the most important thing is an observance of the work/rest regime, full sleep, the performance of respiratory techniques for rapid stress relief, physical activity every day. Another reason for the disease…

…is the inability to separate work and rest, the impossibility to disconnect from working problems. Over some time, the overloaded psyche and body fail, causing many diseases. Often the disease becomes the result of a person’s subconscious desire to be saved from problems, to avoid responsibility for complex decisions, and also to relax, to receive attention. Since childhood we know that the attitude of the sick people is special: more attention, care.

In these situations, it is better to remember that the most important thing is health, and no problems are worth to spend on them our most precious gift. There is nothing wrong with giving up some duties, delegating them, or changing jobs altogether.

Using the Life Expert (Profi) and Balance devices

We have developed the devices which will allow you to solve the most common health problems today. Using the Life Balance and Life Expert (Profi) devices according to the schemes suggested by us, you will be able to adjust the digestive tract, resist a cold, improve the condition of the heart and blood vessels, get rid of joint pain, and remove toxins from the body. Detailed information about each complex you can also find in the articles of my blog.

By combining the use of our devices with the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle you can achieve truly amazing results in taking care of your health.




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