How to test for parasites in the human body

Did you know that all chronic human diseases are associated with parasitic: viral, or fungal damage to the body, which is not always diagnosed by doctors?

The Vegetative Resonance Test, or VRT method, is the only sure way to determine if you have parasites. Using conventional medical analyzes, many parasites are not diagnosed at all, and they will never be excreted from the body with conventional treatments.

According to the World Health Organization, infectious diseases cause more than 16 million deaths annually around the world. The WTO says globally, more than 4.5 billion people are infected with parasitic diseases.

In Europe, one out of every three people is sick with parasites. In Russia, the total incidence of parasites is 10 times higher than the incidence of acute intestinal infections and is only comparable in its frequency with the seasonal flu.

The World Health Organization reports that up to 80% of all existing human diseases are either directly caused by parasites or are a consequence of their vital activity in our body!

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