How does the Life Balance bioresonance therapy device work?

It reproduces the information signals of our body and applies them in a safe manner. Electromagnetic oscillations of low intensity, generated by the device, cause a resonant response in the body. In this way we can activate physiological oscillations corresponding to healthy cells, organs and neutralize pathological oscillations emanating from diseased cells and tissues of the body, viruses, bacteria and fungi. As a result, the body restores the normal functioning of the sick organs and the homeostasis of their systems.

BRT devices activate the organism’s mechanisms of self-regulation inherent in nature itself.

The effectiveness of bioresonance therapy is explained by the impact on the control elements of the system of human adaptation through biophysical processes, which stand above the biochemical in the hierarchy of control of the organism.

This way it is possible to target the cause of the disease and not only the related symptoms.

Post-clinical trials and daily treatment of patients with various diseases confirm the high efficacy and complexity of bio-resonance therapy. Using the device from the recovery stage to complete cure, it’s possible to prevent irreversible changes in the body. The Life Balance device can be used for treatment, rejuvenation, prevention, rehabilitation and weight loss.

Low-frequency electromagnetic waves produced by the device painlessly enter any part of the body.  They can suppress pathological processes, restore and enhance the work of cells, organs and systems of the whole organism, fill them with additional energy to fight various diseases and activate the body’s immune system.

Since no external energy is applied there is no harm caused to the body.

All fluctuations are physiological, natural and native to the human metabolism.

Electromagnetic oscillations are the stimulators and controllers of all life processes in the human body. All cells, organs, systems, and the whole organism have their inherent oscillations spectra with special characteristics (shape, form, frequency) and they are known and classified in certain systems.

These frequencies are constant throughout the life of a person. But when we get sick, the frequency spectrum of a diseased organ changes, and the natural self-healing programs fail. The Life Balance treatment device allows the user to select certain electromagnetic frequencies to reconfigure and reset unhealthy frequencies and rhythms back to healthy ones, restoring the energy potential of organs and systems.

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