How is it possible to act on the cell through its electromagnetic field?

In fact, illness is often related to the malfunctioning of one of our organs that results when its cells fail to work properly for some reason. However, we do know that the work of our cells is done through the movement of ions.

Problems develop not only on the structural and functional levels but also on the electromagnetic level. And, everything is inextricably linked.

Why not treat the disease by working specifically on the electromagnetic field of living tissue? It was this idea that formed the basis of BRT.

When the affected cell is not working properly the ion current is also impaired. This means the frequency of the electromagnetic field emitted to it changes. First of all, it can be measured. Secondly, it can be fixed by one of two ways:

  • create “correct” oscillations from the outside as our Life Balance can do;
  • measure the cells pathological oscillations and “fix” them returning to normal.


Why is the BRT technique universal?

Ionic motions and electromagnetic fields are the functional basis of any cell.

Therefore, the principles underlying BRT are universal. The frequency of the electromagnetic field differs from the final result of the cell work, but the essence remains unchanged. By adjusting the Life Balance treatment device in different ways you can work on any organ with almost any disease. Running a test on Life Expert (Profi) device you can control your results and create automatic complexes of the frequencies, especially for your health issue.

Portable bio-resonance therapy devices are being successfully used for the prevention and treatment of a wide range of pathologies, both independently and as a supplement to complex treatments.

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