Let’s look at how a WebWellness system featuring Life Expert (Profi) and Life Balance devices can effectively deal with parasites, support cell function and improve general health.

The shell of any cell – the cellular membrane – is a condenser or a microscopic version of a battery. It consists of two layers with a difference of electrical potential between them.

The inner surface of the cell membrane is negatively charged, while the outer surface is positive. This is ensured by the distribution of charged particles known as ions!

  • Within the cell is a large number of negatively charged chlorine ions and a few positively charged potassium ions creating an overall negative charge.
  • Outside the cell there is a high concentration of positively charged sodium ions and a small amount of negatively charged organic molecules creating an overall positive charge.

In a state of rest, different ions slowly pass through the membrane in both directions generating a constant electric potential at rest. As soon as the cell is “excited”, the positively charged sodium ions flow in like an avalanche. This can be compared with the electrical current that flows in the wire when the positive and negative terminals of the battery are connected. This process underlies the work of all cells and organs. Such sharp ionic oscillations cause muscles to move, nerves to transmit electrical impulses and cells of the endocrine glands to produce hormones, etc.

All the work of our body is the result of the movement of charged particles, that is, electric current. Naturally, every cell during its life generates an electromagnetic field, which we influence by applying BRT (bio-resonance therapy).

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