How to use the Life Balance treatment device.

The back side of the device should be flat against the body, either hung around the neck, attached to a waist belt or in a pocket close to the affected organ. With non-invasive, bio-resonance therapy the treatment is painless.

You simply select the “power” button to activate the device, use the “+” or “-“ buttons to scroll up or down to select the program you want to use, then press the “start” button and put the device in your pocket, a handbag or a special case. The treatment has begun!

This state-of-the-art, portable device is ideal for use at home. Treatment is done in sessions. A session is a one-time use of a certain set of programs. If necessary, you can conduct several sessions per day or a course. The greatest results are achieved with course therapy. A therapeutic set of programs (complex) is made individually for each person.

The therapy course is typically 14-21 days with a 1-2-day break at the end. When carrying out procedures, try not to do heavy physical work. In case of poisoning, acute respiratory viral infection, flu and other acute illnesses, it is recommended that treatment be performed in sessions every 2 hours until the symptoms of the disease are eliminated and overall improvement in well-being is achieved.

In the case where a disease poses a serious danger to health, the appliance should be used strictly in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor and under his/her supervision.

4 thoughts on “How to use the Life Balance treatment device.”

    1. Depending on if this condition is genetic or obtained the effect of the device can be more or less visible.

      If it is obtained – it is easier to help. Because it is provoked by the toxins in the brain. Our device helps to clean the organism from the toxins and to harmonize the organs and systems.

  1. Doris S Ramirez

    I am using it and is helping my knees a lot but my imsonia program stopped working.

    1. Dear Doris,

      I am glad to know that you have good results with your knees problem. I need to know what exactly you do to treat insomnia. I can suggest you some programs.

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