Life Expert Profi bioresonance machine

The difference between Life Expert and Life Expert Profi


Characteristics Life Expert Profi Life Expert
WebWellness cloud software can be used in 2 modes: as Life Expert or as Life Expert Profi yes, can only be used in the Life Expert mode
Who should use the device doctors, 

people with some/no medical education (some functions)

people with some or /no medical education (some functions)
Manuals yes, detailed manuals inside the software and in google drive yes, detailed manuals inside the software
Rapid test yes yes
Drugs and supplements selections (virtual and actual containers) yes yes
Food intolerance testing yes, there is a database of food already added to the program for enzymes test, and container to test food for intolerance yes, by placing a sample into the container
Vega test and 

Electroacupuncture by Voll

yes no
BRT ( bioresonance contact therapy by the meridians)  yes no
Automatic composition of complexes for the bioresonance therapy device 

Life Balance

yes yes
Skin projections according to Zakharin-Head’s zones yes no
Vitamins deficiency report yes yes
Zodiac diet report yes no
Food Navigator report yes no
Heavy metals report yes no
Overall condition and risk level assessment for major systems yes yes
Bar chart of 47 organs and systems yes yes
Spine report yes yes
Ranking yes no
Imbalance systems yes no
Aetiological factors yes no
Aurogram yes yes
Dynamics report yes no ( only comparison mode)
Biological age with identification 

of adverse effects

yes yes, without identification
Probable diagnosis yes (wider) yes
Price for subscription:
paid through WebWellness system, check if the package you purchase already includes some balance for the tests/complexes
50 euros a month or 365 euros per year – Life Expert Profi  mode

0,50 euros 1 test/complex – in Life Expert mode

0,50 euros 1 test/complex


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