Life Expert and Life Expert Profi modes


There are 2 types of testing modes in the WebWellness system: Life Expert Profi and Life Expert. They are like two different menus within one program.

выборе режимов Life Exert и Life Expert Profi в WebWellness
выборе режимов Life Exert и Life Expert Profi в WebWellness-mobile

Life Expert mode is a limited version of Life Expert Profi mode. Owners of the Life Expert Profi can use any of these modes. While only the simple version is available to owners of Life Expert devices.

How to choose?

Life Expert Profi – is a mode suitable for those who are interested in exploring their health in depth, who use the device regularly to get the most out of the WebWellness system. In our training “A gentle introduction to bioresonance”, we talk in detail about this mode.

In addition to express testing in the Life Expert Profi mode, you can select favourable for digestion foods, view allergens, test dietary supplements and cosmetics, assess your emotional and psychological state, and develop different personalised automatic bioresonance therapy complexes for Life Balance devices.

The result of each test on Life Expert Profi is a detailed visual report on twenty-three sheets. See a sample of a test report here.

Life Expert  – this mode is for those who want to get information on the main indicators of the organism’s health and record an automatic complex of bioresonance therapy for the Life Balance device. Life Expert report consists of ten pages, which reflect the state of organs and systems, the spine, chakras, probabilistic parasitic load, biological age, vitamins (simplified report).

Comparison of Life Expert and Life Expert Profi

  1. The basic functions that are not in Life Expert mode but are included in the Life Expert Profi are:
  • Psychosomatics
  • Amino acids
  • Reactivity (tendency to develop allergies)
  • Toxic load 
  • Product Selection (favourable food)
  • BRT Therapy according to the meridians of Chinese medicine.

2. In the Life Expert mode, you will not receive a detailed report on the selection of dietary supplements and cosmetics as it is only available in the Life Expert Profi. 

3. In the Life Expert mode: the section “Probable affections contains information about the classes of parasites (viruses, fungi, helminths, protozoa), but does not indicate which organs and systems are affected. While the Life Expert Profi mode provides detailed information about the damage to organs and systems by various types of pathogens.

4. The vitamins section in Life Expert Profi shows the percentage of vitamins from the recommended daily intake. As well, it provides the recommendations for each of the missing vitamins and the consequences of each deficiency can lead to.

5. Life Expert contains a shortened version of the report. This report contains information about sufficient or insufficient absorption of vitamins, without details and recommendations.

6. There is a difference in the cost of testing subscriptions in Life Expert and Life Expert Profi modes. You can read more about subscription here.

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