Bioresonance test data analysis


There are 2 types of testing in the WebWellness system: Life Expert Profi and Life Expert. These are 2 different menus within one program.

Life Expert Profi and Life Expert mode - WebWellness
Life Expert Profi and Life Expert mode - WebWellness - mobile
You can select the mode in the upper right corner of the WebWellness program on your computer.

Life Expert mode is a limited version of Life Expert Profi mode. Owners of the Life Expert Profi can use any of these modes. While only the simple version is available to owners of Life Expert devices. Learn more about the difference between Life Expert and Life Expert Profi on our website.

Life Expert testing data analysis:

Life Expert Profi testing data analysis:

Detailed analysis of the bioresonance test results

For a deeper understanding of the test results, we have developed a special online training on the use of WebWellness bioresonance technologies. We give this training as a gift to all customers of the Yourlifexpert store. To get the training, you must purchase one or few WebWellness devices in our store. All other users of the devices can purchase this training, the price is 100 euros. To purchase the training, please contact us.

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