Stop smoking with bioresoance

Quit smoking with bioresonance

Quit tabacco and make a new healthy habit 2020 with the help of bioresonance treatment. So Quit smoking with bioresonance!

We all know about the disadvantages of smoking. Such as cancer, lungs diseases, infertility, impotence, decreased vision, yellowing teeth, cough, etc.

Risks of smoking

However, just a small amount of smokers think about it seriously and it is not their fault. It happens because of addiction and pleasure that cigarettes produce. This addiction is much stronger than alcohol and even some drug addiction.

Do you think you are ready to quit smoking cigarettes just by yourself? Not in all cases it is effective enough. For those who smoke less amount of cigarettes and less time, the help of will power and a set of psychological methods are sufficient. The owners of a long-term “smoker experience” should not count on a quick and easy result. It is better to immediately choose comprehensive measures. If necessary, you can contact a specialized doctor.

How to stop smoking with WebWellness bioresonance system?

Quit smoking with bioresonance es easy with the small helper such as bioresonance machine. Bioresonance device Life Balance and testing device Life Expert Profi will help you to take control of your health and to eliminate toxins from the body.

life balance bioresonance device from smoking

Support all the suffering from smoking organs and systems such as liver, heart, gastrointestinal tract, blood circulation, nervous system, endocrine system.

Apart from it, with the help of a homeopathic reprinter device Life Transfer, the frequency of a cigarette can be reprinted into the pill. Every time when the person has a desire to smoke, he/she can take this pill with a cigarette frequency written in it. This way his body will calm down for a while by receiving needed information of nicotine (without actually smoking). When the desire will totally disappear with the help of detoxification of the body, organs recovery, psychological help of Life Balance and Life Expert Profi – homeopathy pills won’t be needed anymore.

If you decide to stop smoking, you have to be ready for some temporal side effects, such as:

Cough. Which occurs due to the cleansing of the lungs from toxins.

Decreased immunity. It weakens for a short time and it’s easier to catch a cold.

Indigestion. Since nicotine is actively involved in the digestive system.

Hunger. The need to “chew” stress caused by quitting smoking causes overweight and resulting psychological problems.

Nervousness, depression, mood swings are frequent companions of ex-smokers.

Here are the most useful methods you can try together with bioresonance treatment from smoking:

Read. Do not neglect this method for giving up cigarettes. For example, the most famous book, “Easy Way to Stop Smoking,” by Allen Carr. After reading the book and following it’s suggestions many people were able to get rid of a bad habit on their own.

Share your experiences. Scientists have found that complaining about the difficulty of quitting smoking and a constant desire to smoke help get rid of addiction. Psychotherapy, including group therapy, communication with other people who face the same problem that you do in person or online. Communication can give strength in the most difficult struggle, relieve irritability and nervousness.

Sport. Gym, swimming, running, yoga and other physical activities will not only distract from unpleasant sensations and obsessive desires. Sport also contributes to the healing of the body. For example, the sport will help to cope with the cough accompanying smoking cessation.

Control your diet. Weight gain after getting rid of cigarettes is a significant problem, especially in women. You want to replace a source of pleasure…However, with every extra kilogram the stress intensifies, along with it comes the desire to smoke again. In order not to fall into this vicious circle, from the first days, review your diet: more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C.

Hobbies. An interesting hobby is an excellent “defender” from any obsessions and habits. Calculate how much money you had to spend on cigarettes every month. Maybe now you can afford the long-awaited trip, pay for dancing courses or buy a piano.

Remember! First of all, it has to be your conscious choice and will power and trust. WebWellness and our bioresonance devices will help you with the rest of the problem to quit smoking with bioresonance. Otherwise, you will simply waste your time to return smoking again.

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