test for toxins in the body

Online test for toxins in the body

Before going for a blood test you can do a fast online test at home to check if you have toxins in your body:

Just simply answer these question Yes or No. Please be honest with yourself

1. Do you often visit a doctor?
2. Are you afraid of contracting infectious diseases?
3. If you have some problem or trouble, do you worry about it for a long time?
4. Do you think about your problems even in your free time?
5. Are you nervous standing in a queue?
6. Do you regularly undergo a medical examination?
7. Do you really care about your health?
8. Do you have excess weight (more than 5 kg)?
9. Is it very difficult for you to get up in the morning?
10. Are there too many annoying factors around you, including people?
11. Do you often catch a cold (2-3 times a year or more)?
12. Do you suffer from long term colds?
13. Is it easy for you to catch a cold?
14. Are you weather-dependent?
15. Do you have high blood pressure?
16. Do you often have a headache?

More than 30% of positive responses mean that you are intoxicated. You need to pay attention to the restoration of your immune system and get rid of the toxins in your body.

Fortunately, we have a solution. The best way to support your organism and to eliminate toxins is bioresonance therapy together with our Life Balance device.

This technology that our company has been producing and supplying all over the world for more than 19 years helps people to be healthy!

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