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If you use it actively every day – you will need to change the filter approximately 1 time per month.


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The multilayer composite HEPA filter for Life Air anionic air sterilizer.

Air purification occurs from the moment when it flows through the side openings of the device, where the multilayer composite filter is located.

During the first stage, there is the first filter layer, which, due to small holes and static voltage, traps large dust particles.

During the second stage, air passes through the HEPA filter. This is a high-efficiency filter with 0.001 mm thick randomly located fibers. The distance between the fibers is 0.005mm.

Due to the material used, the filter works not only as a microsieve and retains all particles with a diameter of more than 0.001 mm but also smaller ones, due to the autohesion effect.

Autohesion is the adhesion of dust particles between themselves and the filter material. Due to this feature, the particles are layered on top of each other, forming multilayer conglomerates on the fibers.

This layer traps dust, hair, skin particles, bacteria, viruses, microplastic particles, pollen, mold spores, radioactive aerosols, and a host of other airborne microparticles. To increase the filtration surface, the filter is folded like an accordion, which, in turn, prolongs its service life without reducing air permeability.

During the third stage, air passes through the activated carbon fiber filter. It effectively absorbs odors, tobacco smoke, formaldehyde, and other volatile compounds and allergens.

Thanks to the filter design, deep air purification of up to 99.9% is provided!

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