Carrying out a Rapid Health Test


You can see how to conduct a Rapid health test using Life Expert devices in the following short videos.

Simple test

Suitable for those who want to start using devices right away. In other words, to conduct rapid health test, and start using therapeutic complexes, without deepening into learning.

The procedure for conducting a simple test:

  1. Register a person
  2. Connect electrodes to a person
  3. Conduct a test
  4. Analyze results
  5. Record therapeutic complexes

In-depth testing

This option is suitable for those who want to use bioresonance technologies to their full potential and ready to deepen their knowledge about health. We highly recommend this type of testing (available only for the Life Expert Profi mode)

How to conduct an in-depth test:

  1. Register a person
  2. Fill in the questionnaire
  3. Connect electrodes to a person
  4. Conduct a test
  5. Deep breathing – until slightly dizzy or 20 times if the lungs are developed enough by sport
  6. Harmonisation/loading test in BRT – diagonal meridian 2-3 minutes. At this time, all the cells of our body are activated by a current of 10 Hz. 
  7. Repeat a test
  8. Analyse the results
  9. Recorde therapeutic complexes

Connecting the components

How to connect the components and accessories such as clips and brass electrodes. Find out by watching the following videos.

How to connect clips:

How to connect brass electrodes:

In case of connection error

What should I do if the system returns an error while connecting the electrodes?

  • Check the correct connection of the device to the computer according to the instructions above on this page.
  • Check whether the electrodes, hands, feet and head parts on the body are sufficiently moistened.
  • If the error persists, contact technical support or write to the Telegram chatbot 
  • Often the error can be caused because one of the components is broken. Take a look at the devices and if there is a visible breakage in place, replace the broken component. You can always purchase the components separately in our online shop. Please note, accessories are not subject to replacement and warranty repair, and their serviceability is checked before sending the orders to clients.

More Information

Make sure to read the information about preparing yourself for vega testing in the article “Requirements for the tested person and test conditions” on the website of the manufacturer.

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