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An anionic air sterilizer, that, in just a few minutes, will create reliable protection around you, improve air quality and purify it from viruses, harmful bacteria, and pollutants by 99%.

Life Air has a wide spectrum of impact:

  • it improves the quality of sleep. Sleep becomes deeper and healthier, and the body fully restores its strength
  • the protective function of the body against harmful bacteria, viruses, and allergens is increased
  • working capacity and concentration are increased
  • immunity is strengthened
  • metabolism is improved, which has a beneficial effect on the healing of wounds, burns, and abrasions
  • saturation of the body with ionized air helps preserve the beauty and youth of the skin for longer
We recommend to buy a few replacement filters for the device. If you use it actively every day – you will need to change the filter approximately 1 time per month. 

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