Body mass index


Working with body mass index is another interesting and useful feature that is available in WebWellness software to owners of the Life Expert Profi device.

This function does not show body fat percentage and other characteristics as scales do.

The device, according to our gender, age, height and weight, conducts express testing of all organs and systems of the body.  The  WebWellness system then generates a detailed report on how your weight affects your health.

This feature is useful for people of any complexity, because it allows you to understand what difficulties organs and systems experience at your current weight and how you can help your organism to feel better. For example, choose a better diet, drink more water, add vitamins or trace elements to the diet, and conduct BRT therapy.

In particular, an automatically created individual complex according to the body mass index is offered.

body mass index

It is recommended to use this program only after half a year of active use of WebWellness devices according to the Gentle introduction to bioresonance protocol.

Instructions for working with body mass index in the WebWellness program

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