Passive BRT therapy by meridians


Types of bioresonance therapy

It can be difficult for novice users to understand the difference between Bioresonance Therapy and BRT. In fact, BRT is often used as an abbreviation. However, BRT exists as a separate treatment method. In this article, we will help you understand the subtleties in its use.

Exogenous therapy

Exogenous therapy – “active” therapy through the Life Balance device. In this case, programs and frequencies discovered by scientists Rife and Voll are used. Rife discovered frequencies for eliminating parasites and Voll discovered reference frequencies for healthy organs and systems.

Endogenous Therapy

Endogenous therapy – “passive” therapy through the Life Expert Profi device (also known as BRT meridian therapy) will be discussed in this article.

Endogenous therapy was invented in Germany by Dr. Morel and Engineer Eric Roche in 1976. They considered a person as a single complex organism, which cannot be considered separately by organs and systems. Morel and Rocher drew on their knowledge of body functions from the teachings of classical Chinese medicine, which says that every organ of the body reproduces low-frequency electromagnetic vibrations. When the person is healthy, these fluctuations are harmonic or physiological. But if the organ is sick and exposed to the harmful influence of the environment, the vibrations change and become disharmonious.

Passive BRT therapy can correct this by analysing and transforming the patient’s own oscillations of the organs. This is the main difference between bioresonance therapy and BRT.

Passive BRT method does not use reference fluctuations taken from outside, as in the Life Balance device, but the parameters of its own signals are taken from a person. These parameters are passed through special filters, where pathological fluctuations are suppressed, and physiological ones are enhanced, which helps the body restore the natural parameters of homeostasis and increase adaptation reserves.

You can learn more about BRT therapy by meridians on the WebWellness device manufacturer’s website.

You can choose meridians for BRT yourself according to the instructions and according to our exclusive training for clients of our website. Or, the manufacturer has created a function of automatic selection of meridians for BRT therapy.

When you select the BRT option in the WebWellness software, you will be able to see that there are 2 types of automatically selected therapy program:

Automatic selection – selection among 20 meridians – a therapy.

Harmonisation – to restore energy along the spine.

brt therapy

For more information on how to choose BRT therapy and how to launch it in the WebWellness software, you can follow the video instructions

Subtleties and recommendations for BRT therapy

In addition to the above information and video instructions, there are some subtleties that you should be aware of in order to competently conduct BRT therapy.

  1. BRT therapy should not be done on an empty stomach.
  2. Before using it, you need to drink a glass of water.
  3. The software has a total of 24 different meridians for BRT therapy. When you choose automatic therapy compilation, the system selects meridians for you depending on the results of rapid testing. And sometimes meridians (C) heart, (F) liver and (R) kidneys can get into this protocol. It is very important if one of these meridians or several at once appear as a part of the protocol – reduce the exposure time to 0.5 -1 seconds. Since these meridians are not recommended to be used for longer periods of time.
  4. As for the rest of the meridians. With automatic selection, you need to change the exposure time depending on the age of the person being tested – in principle, up to 2 minutes per meridian is enough for children, and about 4 minutes for adults.
  5. You can use no more than 6 meridians in one session.
  6. The final exposure time must be an odd number (e.g. 19 minutes).
  7. You will see that the program has the “Organism response” parameter. If it is 0-20 – this indicates a lack of energy in the body; 20-80 – the norm; 80-100 high levels of energy and response of the body to the therapy received.
passive brt therapy

8. Points of the USI star – show the meridian and the electrode through which the impact is going at the moment. Where the top 2 points are head electrodes, the side ones are hand electrodes, and the bottom ones are foot electrodes.

брт терапия по меридианам 3

9. How often can BRT therapy be used? For prevention purposes, you can do it once every 3 days, which is an average of 10 -15 sessions every half a year. If you have an important event you can do BRT therapy before it to raise your energy levels.

10. You can use BRT therapy several times in a row until improvement in acute inflammatory processes (for example: a cold and its first symptoms, food poisoning, etc.). For more on protocols for acute conditions, see our training.

11. Do not do BRT before going to sleep as it gives you a boost of energy. 

12. It is not recommended to combine BRT therapy on Life Expert Profi in parallel with a powerful detox protocol on the Life Balance device. Only by doctor’s prescription.

13. After BRT therapy, we recommend that you take a shower with baking soda, rub baking soda over your body in order to speed up metabolism and eliminate toxins.

14. If you are testing a person with a Life Expert Profi device knowing that they are sick and all the test report indicators are green (green fence fenomen), we need to try to fix this and get an accurate result. This is where BRT can help. Make BRT therapy through automatic selection by selecting 2 minutes for each selected meridian. And then try to do 1 more rapid test. This can help you unblock the testing person to get the true results.

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