Matching preparations


How often are we forced or feel obligated to consume dietary supplements, we spend a lot of money, without receiving an expected result. Or, on the contrary, a person has an evident  lack of one or another vitamin / mineral, a certain product would benefit him, but he does not want to take it, because he does not understand whether there will be a real effect and/or  it is just a waste of money.

Thanks to the matching preparations function with the Life Expert Profi device and the WebWellness program, you can test dietary supplements, cosmetics, your favourite drinks (water, coffee, cola, juice, kefir, milk) and snacks, even spices and jewellery. You will observe how they affect the functioning of your body. You will also be able to test the products before buying and choose what suits you best.

Thus, you can remove unnecessary and inappropriate products from your everyday life, and leave only the most necessary, those that your body really needs.

How to carry out a matching preparation test?

How to carry out a matching preparation test in Webwellness software:

How to work with a resonance cup for testing preparations:

Important information about the procedure:

matching preparations

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